Tips for choosing the right bed

Tips for choosing the right bed

After a long day, a good night's sleep is required. When you wake up feeling aches and pains all over your body, the reason might not be far-fetched. Chances are your bed which is the culprit is in bad shape. When your bed is over seven years old, it needs replacement.  According to research, even the best quality of beds deteriorates as much as by 70% within 10 years of being purchased.


Find below what to consider when choosing a bed:

The size of the bed matters:

The standard is to have at least 45cm of free space on either side of the beds for vacuum and changing of bed sheets.  These days, one can get away with a king-size design for the bedroom because spacing does not really matter. For two adults sharing a bed, they should opt for a king size design instead of a standard double bed. A bed should be 10-15 cm long ideally with the tallest person sleeping on it.

In terms of mattress sizes, the average dimensions are:

Single: 90cm X 190cm

Small double: 120cm X 190cm

Double: 135cm X 190cm

King size: 150cm X 200cm

Super King size: 180cm X 200cm

Select the right  mattress:

It makes utmost sense to buy a mattress that fits your budget. Going overboard with your expenses does not make sense. For a high budget, you might want to consider a supportive and flexible option like the luxurious pocket sprung mattress or a continuous springing, woven mesh of coils mattress. For a low budget, an open-spring mattress with individual hourglass springs would be perfect. Modernisation has brought about new designs of mattresses from the sprung to memory foam top to cushion-top to pillow-top mattresses, all provided you can afford the luxury.


Think about your comfort:

Take your time shopping for the best quality of beds. Don’t try the beds when you are tired because all of them would feel comfortable. Try laying on them for up to 10 minutes, changing positions regularly to feel it. Roll over the bed; slip your hand underneath the small of your back, if you can move it easily, the mattress would be too hard and if you can’t, it is too soft.

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Patricia Akpo Uyeh

Patricia is a multimedia freelance journalist/ Blogger, who works with Allure Vanguard presently. She is a well-versed journalist who is passionate about youth empowerment, women and children’s rights as well as journalism. She holds a Master’s degree in Regional Planning and Development from the University of Lagos, Akoka.


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