Your Home as your Haven

For many Nigerian people, home is the building; whether rented, gotten by a sublet, a lease or even owned. It is just a building and that bigoted idealism shrinks our view and psych into seeing it as just a building- A house. We could really care less about what makes up our home and how it defines us, as long as we have the basic equipment to make life less difficult.

The consciousness that the home should go beyond the building, the number of rooms and sophisticated electrical gadgets is sadly alien to most of us. Thus, we have lived under roofs that we could barely tolerate; where we could barely find a sense of attachment, a sense of belonging, a pull, a drag, a joy, and define ourselves while revelling in the comfort after a long day at work.

The home should be our haven, a place of rest, a place of comfort, a place to find peace and tranquillity after the hustle and bustle of a full working day.#

A number of factors that combines to make a home the haven that it ought to be goes from the love seat that has seen a lot of love, to that couch personally handpicked, to the settee on which too many family time have been held, to the pictures hanging on the photo stand and the rocking chair around the corner upon which many stories have been told and the accessibility of your choice hobbies.

It is the combinations of colours - The thoughtfulness in the choice of colour patterns is the blend of the choice of curtains, with the floor covering and furniture. It is in the soothing atmosphere created by an arrangement of personal effects, not as much in the cluster of heavy utensils and appliances, but in the care and memories made in picking out every single accessory, the memory made with each and every accessory, the bonding and companionship forged on every single sofa, the love hanging on every one object in the home.

Our homes becoming a place where memories are relieved, where we can feel at home, a place lived in and loved. A place where we find deep attachments, roots, and a sense of belonging. A place that calls to our hearts when we are far off. A place of rest, A place with lingering scents and memories of Love, Family, soaking in you - Your being. A haven called home.


At HOG Furniture and Interior Designs, we recognise that the home is where the heart feels at home. That's why we create and recreate a haven for you with our artistic and creative services. Let's create for you an ideal home that you can carry around in your heart. Let's make your home, your very own haven.



 Adeyemi Adebimpe a guest contributor on HOG Furniture Blog is a law student at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).

Loves to write, read, travel, paint and talk.

A fan of the outdoor and adventure. Her everyday fantasy is to see the whole world.



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