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Skincare is one of the main concerns every human being has, especially during the summer season. There are many in this world who suffer from certain vitamin deficiencies. For them, the intake of vitamins becomes a prominent concern. 

If you are presently anxious about skin care during the summer or thinking about whether you have a vitamin deficiency, consider giving this article a read. Well, you should consult with your physician and clarify if the intake of certain vitamins can improve the condition of your skin.

Here, you can go through the notes about some types of vitamins that ensure your skin’s health. Take a look at the entries to know more. 

Six Vitamins That Can Enhance Proper Glow In Your Skin This Summer

This summer, you can always be friends with the vitamins. Here are the types of vitamins and you can go through the salient facts about each. Moreover, you can check out the food items that are rich sources of different types of vitamins. Have a look at the list  below:

1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the main macronutrients that the body needs. It is popularly known as something that strengthens the immunity system in human beings. Well, when it comes to skin, you can find vitamin C to improve collagen production.

Collagen is vital for skin as it helps to keep the skin firm. Moreover, it minimizes the development of wrinkles in the skin to make it look more youthful. Moreover, people who have injuries to the skin can also intake Vitamin C-rich foods. You can also expect doctors to prescribe vitamin C-rich foods to people who have gone through sun damage. 

Food Items Rich In Vitamin C

  • Oranges, lemons, and all other citrus fruits
  • Cauliflower
  • Pineapple
  • Broccoli

Apart from the above items, you can also consume the superfoods for healthy skin that contain synthesized vitamin C. Although, excessive intake of such substances can be harmful but you can always have them in a balanced manner. 

2. Vitamin A 
Vitamin A comes just after Vitamin C when the matter is about skin health. It can build the skin cells to respond to the receptors. So, you should always try to consume food rich in Vitamin A throughout the summer season. 

Even vitamin A can help grow a protective layer of cells over the skin. However, it naturally grows but you can expect the process to boost up with regular vitamin A intake. The best part about vitamin A is that you can consume it in both oral and topical forms. You can even expect vitamin A to minimize the pace of collagen depletion. 

Food Items Rich In Vitamin A

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Eggs and dairy products
  • Green vegetables

Apart from these, you can find some cosmetics containing vitamin A. So, it will be better if you know the benefits of a peel-off face mask and buy one accordingly.

3. Vitamin D

Like all main vitamins, Vitamin D is also necessary for you to get glowing skin. Now, you would be amazed to know that the natural resource of Vitamin D is sunlight. To get your daily dose of Vitamin D, you need to spend some minutes in the early morning sun. 

Vitamin D restricts the formation of acne as it has the potential to fight against infections. So, you can expect your skin to breathe normally and always remain glowy. Well, you can consider sunlight exposure as one of the home remedies for glowing skin.

Food Items Rich In Vitamin D:

  • Fatty Fishes
  • Cereals
  • Egg and Dairy Products

4. Vitamin K

The right levels of Vitamin K in your body can reduce many skin problems. You can observe scars, stretch marks, and spider veins reducing dramatically as you intake Vitamin K-rich food on a regular basis. 

So, expect your skin to glow and remain healthy in the hot and humid summer if you keep the levels of Vitamin K right in your body. The best you can do is take liquid vitamins that have some percentages of Vit-K. On the other hand, there are foods that have natural Vitamin K. They are as follows.

Food Items Rich IN Vitamin K:

  • Fermented Foods
  • Fish
  • Sprouts

5. Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 plays many important roles when it comes to the human body. It mainly keeps the brain cells healthy and you can also expect it to keep your blood clean. Now, the fact you might not be aware of is that Vitamin B3 is used as a prominent ingredient in most skincare products. So, you can find it in the list of skincare tips.

Vitamin B3 reduces dullness of the face skin while exfoliating on a daily basis. Moreover, it reduces radical damage to the skin too. You can also check out the improved smoothness of the skin.

Food Items Rich In Vitamin B3:

  • Chinese Rice
  • Meat
  • Peanuts

6. Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is well-known among physicians and skincare experts for its water-retaining properties. Thus, you can expect it to keep your skin moisturized. The best you can do is consume a little bit of B5 every day. 

Try not to take any supplements and stick to natural food items. The skin-protecting layer gets healthier while the levels of Vitamin B5 are normal. In case you have a deficiency, the best you can do is increase the level of consumption.

Food Items Rich In Vitamin B5

  • Mushrooms
  • Avocado 
  • Chicken Whole Gains

Final Words

When it comes to vitamins, everyone considers them less important for being a micronutrient. Well, you should remember that all vitamins have some contribution to our skin. In case you are having a vitamin deficiency, it would be better for you to consult a doctor. In the same way, you should intake food items that are rich in vitamins. Read more: Real Wealth Business, Finance Team.

Otherwise, you can even meet a skincare expert who can give you vitamin ointments and serum for external use. Showing concern about the vitamin levels in your skin and consumption can improve many things. 

Author Bio'-Alisha Jones 

Alisha Jones is an online entrepreneur by profession and a passionate blogger by heart. She is on a mission to help digital businesses grow online. She shares her journey, insights, and experiences at Emblem Wealth, Smart Business Daily. If you are an entrepreneur, digital marketing professional, or simply an info-holic, then this blog is for you.

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