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Coexistence with animals paints our lives with bright colours, saturates, and prolongs them. There is a special bond between a person and his pet. Medical research also confirms the specific impact of pets on our health. One way or another, pets influence mental and physical health.

Reducing stress and anxiety level.

Contact with animals raises the level of the hormone oxytocin, which in turn allows you to reduce the status of the stress-causing hormone - cortisol. Therefore, when stressful conditions occur, doctors recommend getting a pet.

Now and then, we stress when we have some important events soon. It may be a test, lecture, or public speech. By the way, you can ask for the help of professional best essays writers for your speech. They will collect information and logically build the plot. Or you need to work on the course work which requires much time and effort.

If you worry a lot, you should overcome this feeling. When we feel a huge responsibility, we stress when preparing.  Thus, it is better to invite a fur friend to sit on your legs or next to you than to eat more when stressed.

 Pet helps to focus

Scientists claim that almost all animals help cope with memory disorders. Even visual contact with reptiles while visiting the terrarium can reduce the symptoms of such diseases as neurasthenia and dementia. Communicating with dogs helps to improve memory.

It is what a learner needs to cope with data and information. But if you want to improve your memory, don't rely only on animals; after all, their primary purpose is to improve our psycho-emotional state. And daily training will help you improve your memory, like writing a diary and doing morning pages practice. Speaking about research for your studying, you can ask Trust My Paper specialists to look for relevant information without watery and learn it.

Supportive environment

Not only people are capable of empathy - pets feel and read the emotions of their owners. They understand many words, recognize the tone of voice, react to gestures, and show tenderness - and not only when they want to eat. Scientists say that animals establish a telepathic connection with a person and willingly lend a helping hand when they hear something wrong. For example, a fluffy pet's presence helps calm down, and simple stroking and purring will cheer up. It is what the owners of four-legged friends say.

Emotional support can be provided by a dog of any breed and size, friendly to people, and knows basic commands. It is believed that cats are less capable of emotional support than dogs and horses. However, experts are sure that this is not the case. Therefore, introducing cats to schools and coworking zones is a practice. These animals have a calming effect on people's psyche, help them forget about troubles, and, since their presence creates a feeling of security, the purring of a cat relaxes and lulls.

Self-esteem increasing

Pets increase the self-esteem of their owners, as they do not care about the owner's status, appearance and success. They need care and therefore become attached to a person naturally, but at the same time, they affect his psycho-emotional state: they neutralize stress and reduce anxiety and depression. The explanation is the action of serotonin and dopamine — pleasure hormones released in response to hugs, petting, and playing with a pet.

Thus, when we feel an emotional increase, we receive the chance and freedom to create new things, generate new ideas, and develop personally. That improves marks and new skills gained at school, college, and university.

Physical condition

Another physical impact of home animals is that spending time with a cat or dog is one of the decisive prophylactic measures. How else to explain that the owners of four-legged friends feel less lonely, cope with stress more efficiently and get sick less often? Life goes fast, and people must work in different fields, like learning, sport, personal relationships, friends, and family, to support work-life balance. Thus, every positive event improves life.

According to cardiology studies, owners of pets (primarily cats and dogs) are significantly less susceptible to pressure drops and heart problems. In addition to calming down during communication and stroking pets, regular walks with them in the fresh air are significant. Thus, they strengthen the cardiovascular system and stabilize blood pressure.

Increased physical activity

It's no secret that having a pet makes a person move more. It applies not only to walks and walks but also to bathing and cleaning up after animals. The most active, of course, are dog owners, but active games with cats are no less valid.

Daily walks with your pet improve your emotional state and help keep you in shape. Dog owners spend 30 minutes a week in the fresh air more than others — it seems that the look of a puppy motivates well. And it's also a great way to lose extra pounds for the owner and his pet.

Expansion of social ties

In addition, your pet becomes an extra excuse to go out of the house, talk to strangers with fur friends, and go shopping or to the vet. In any case, it is about communication. Pets gather like-minded people around them and encourage their owners to meet new people. Shared interests bring people closer together.

With the help of pets, it is much easier for a person to talk, make new acquaintances or maintain a conversation. Pet owners often get to know each other and start communicating during walks, in pet stores, and on the Internet. After all, they always have something to discuss and talk about. Thus, our "furry babies" help us cope with loneliness and eliminate shyness.

The same refers to the presence of communication when you learn and do not have time for family or friends. For example, you talk to a pet, and it is in its company. Thus, you get the communication you need and keep on learning.

Pets give unconditional love and support to people who behave well with them. If you still don't have a pet, you might be thinking about it now. It is great! Please read about how to prepare for a pet and create a comfortable space for it. Get a wonderful time and excellent marks!


Author: Nancy P. Howard

Nancy P. Howard has been working as a journalist at the online magazine in London for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, SEO and marketing.



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