HOG buying  guide on the best lighting fixture to have in your home

Well lit spaces at home create a welcoming feeling. It gives off a positive aura all around the house. When you plan of improving your home, it’s best to also check on the lighting of every space, especially in the living room and the kitchen.

Any well-placed lighting fixture can make a difference. But, not everybody knows where they should be positioned. If you have zero ideas about which best lighting fixtures to have in your home, we’ve come up with a list that you can check on.

Little by little you will know the difference and functions of every lighting fixture. Here are also ideas on where they should be placed.


Foyer Welcoming

The foyer is a hall where everybody, especially the guests, enters. It is the best place where you create an impression on anyone visiting your home. Ambient your foyer with a couple of accent light sources.

It’s ideal to choose fixtures like flush mount lights or semi-flush mount lights. Let them admire the place by going bold with a chandelier if you have a vaulted ceiling. Some would use a pendant lantern to create a more dramatic entrance.

Stylish homeowners would love their foyer to have a side table too. Then, they would accent it with a table lamp to provide a secondary source of light.

That was just an appetizer. Are you starting to reimagine your home’s lighting improvement? Let’s proceed to the next.


Relaxing Living Room

Couch potatoes love to stay in their living room. It’s a place where people relax with a cup of coffee. Bookworms would sit all day to finish a book or movie lovers would lay to have a movie marathon.

It’s a space where people do stress-free activities. Then, we perceive that a variety of lighting must be present around. Aside from the right wall paints, illuminate the space with good lighting fixtures.

When your living room has an area without proper lighting, ambient or accent lighting is a good idea. The good options are recessed lighting. It means lights are built into surrounding walls or surfaces.

A cute option is to have a flush mount or semi-flush mount lights. They also give ambient lighting throughout your living area. If you have beautiful wall paintings, track lighting gives off accent lighting to them.

Ceiling fans, chandeliers, and pendant lights are good options as ambient lighting for the living room. Torchiere are unique lights that also work well in this space. In case they’re not for a permanent placing, you can choose ceiling fans with LED lights.


Functional Kitchen

Many homeowners prioritize building their kitchens. There are many food lovers out there and here are the best kitchen lighting fixtures to choose from. Don’t forget to ask for help from the metal table legs manufacturer for your kitchen tables.

Since there will be many activities in the kitchen, don’t deprive it with proper lighting to avoid kitchen accidents. Recessed lighting gives great ambient lighting to either big or small kitchens.

Some kids do their homework on the kitchen island while their parents prepare dinner. Try hanging an island pendant. You could also use individual mini pendants in a row for the task and accent lighting.

When holidays come in, kitchens get busier than ever. Kitchen lovers use cabinets as their pantries. Under-cabinet lighting is so pleasant to the eyes as you get your ingredients from it.



Fun Dining Room

The dining room is where we eat delicious meals. Apart from this main function, it can be a place where we have family games. This is also a usual place for arts and crafts.

Chandeliers are a classic option to light up the room. They give such a good ambient light source. But, try also placing table lamps on a server to give an additional accent.


Peaceful Bedroom

As much as we wanted to have a calm tone for our bedrooms, we still need to place some ambient lights inside. Try using a ceiling fan or a flush mount light.

Check on bedside table lamps or wall scones above the tabes. Once you read a book before bedtime, they provide task lighting. On the other hand, scones save you some space, especially in the guest room.

Bigger rooms have a sitting area or workspace. Table lamps work best here. A luxury cosmetic box design is also perfect on the list.


Refreshing Bathroom

Bathrooms traditionally have bathroom mirrors. Try using the vanity light above and see your beauty every time you finish taking a bath. To add glamor, you may install chandeliers and add up spa feels.


Productive Home Office

Everybody would want to work at home productively. Without proper lighting, people squint even if they don’t need eyeglasses. Why not improve your home office with the best lighting fixtures there are?

Invest in desk lamps or recessed lights that provide ambient lighting for the whole home office. Recessed lighting gives you the advantage of switching it dimmer in case you want it less bright.

Some overhead lighting options for your home office are pendant light or ceiling fan with light. If you have a smaller space and positioned your desk against the wall, try mounted wall scones to provide light in your whole workspace.



Having good lighting all over the house gives you overall positive energy. It gives a good impression to the guests, promotes productivity and better space functionalities, and adds beauty to the totality of your home.

These suggested lighting fixtures are a good list to start with. Even some neighbourhoods buy from a led street light factory to give the best lighting fixtures for the streets. How much more if we need to improve our own homes.



Linda Carter is a passionate blogger, in love with marketing, writing, and dogs


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