HOG blog post on home office ideas that will encourage your productivity

The workplace can have a significant effect on employee performance and productivity. Structured settings at work allow employees to be more productive and effective, but when mounds of paper and a cluttered desk take over one's work area, motivation and profitability may quickly disappear.

Clutter in the office environment competes for attention and disrupts focus. A messy workspace can divert your attention away from what is important. It also gives you the nagging impression that your task is never finished and even encourages negative self-talk, which demotivates you even more.

Indeed, clutter can disturb and prevent you from processing information as well as you would in an uncluttered, organized, and calm setting.

Work From Home Adjustments

Working from home has grown in popularity over the past decade. And, with so many businesses switching to remote work settings in 2020, this shift could become permanent for thousands of companies.

Although a good majority of employees find remote work more convenient, working at home is not in any way easier than working in an office. Traditional offices provide desks, chairs, and other furniture that help employees feel at ease, whereas home offices are frequently set up based on whatever is available.

Fortunately, setting up a workspace at home does not have to be as costly, complex, or time-consuming as many believe. Whether you're new to working from home or have been doing so for a while, learning more about new home office ideas and inspiration is always a sensible move.

In this article, you'll find practical home office ideas and suggestions to help you make the most of your workspace and boost your productivity. Keep reading for your dream work environment that is encouraging, motivating, and fun all at the same time.



6 Home Office Ideas for Enhancing Your Productivity

  1. Prioritize your comfort while working

When it comes to creating pleasant, lively workspaces that promote productivity, comfort is king! You should feel relaxed and at ease while working. An uncomfortable chair or a terrible keyboard angle will keep you distracted throughout the day. Worse, ill-fitting furniture can result in long-term pain and discomfort, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain.

Invest in high-quality furniture and office equipment to make working all day a breeze. Go for an ergonomic chair that is adjustable, supportive, and cozy. Choose something solid and durable to withstand everyday wear and tear while also being comfortable and functional to help lower the risk of developing health problems caused by sitting for prolonged hours and poor posture.

  1. Ensure adequate lighting

The amount of light that enters your home office can set your day-to-day mood. Dark work areas aren't good for your mood, and a lack of sunlight might make you less productive. To be effective enough to meet your daily goals, ensure you have proper lighting in your workspace. A well-lit workstation encourages you to stay awake and motivated.

Large windows that let a great deal of natural light in are ideal for your workstation. Your computer or monitor's brightness should be set at a similar level as the room to avoid eye strain. Installing large lights that emit adequate light around your home office is one of the best and simplest ways to increase productivity. Computer screens should also be free of glare from windows or lighting.

  1. Keep your workspace clean

A cluttered workstation equals an unproductive day. Regularly declutter your desk and your entire workspace to stay inspired while you work.

Consider decluttering at the end of each day. Put any papers or supplies you've used while working in a safe place. Turn off your computer and regularly wipe the keyboard and mouse with a cleaning cloth to eliminate dirt and grime.

Having purely work-related stuff on your desk is different from decluttering your workspace. What matters is that you don't have anything on your counter that will distract you or divert your attention away from your work. You won't be as concerned about the mess on your desk if your workstation doesn't look cluttered. As a result, you'll notice a massive increase in productivity.

  1. Don't forget your sense of smell

Another excellent way to improve your work performance and productivity is to stimulate your sense of smell. Scents, just like colors, affect your mood. Investing in scented candles or an aroma diffuser could aid your productivity. Cinnamon is a great way to sharpen your intellect, lavender has a calming effect, citrus is energizing, and peppermint is great for focus.


If you fall asleep in the middle of the day or lose momentum while working, aromatherapy may help in addition to a cup of coffee. Even if you don't believe that scents have any discernible effects, they can be enjoyable. They can be an excellent addition to your home workstation if a deep inhale of eucalyptus or rosemary puts you in your element.

  1. Personalize your home office

Personalizing your workspace can boost your emotional connection to your work, but it's crucial to remember not to let the personal touches become the clutter you want to avoid. With the right home office design ideas, you can personalize your surroundings and transform them into an optimal working atmosphere.

Set up your workstation according to your preferences: you can incorporate any colour you like, add decorations like plants and paintings, or even position everything for your convenience.

Just see to it that your work environment is comfortable and conducive to productive work.



The Ball is in Your Hands

Setting up an organized home office can vastly improve your productivity when working from home. By implementing these home office ideas, you can transform your office into a workspace that inspires productivity. If you're having trouble generating a professional atmosphere in your home office, try these suggestions and see how they go. But don't limit yourself to these tips alone.

Get creative and explore your ideas. Observe which ones have a favourable impact on your productivity before applying them. The goal is for you to maintain home-office-productivity which is a never-ending challenge.


Author: Rose Flores:


Rose is a licensed real estate broker and the co-founder of RE/MAX Gold Philippines, a real estate company in the Philippines. Acting and real estate have always been her passions since childhood. She confidently helps close record-breaking deals for residential and commercial buyers while leading her team to success. Check out their website at  https://remaxgold.ph/blog/home-office-productivity/


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