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The path of décor and beautification of an office space, a garden or home is quite elaborate; however simple, it begins with the simple imagination and conceptualization of an Idea, gotten from an article in a magazine or update from a newspaper or even a fashion outlet. All directly points to the process of trying to pick the right décor suitable and aligned with personal taste and preference of the individual which can be influenced and affected by the swift change in the patterns and arrangement of new designs, often innovative and quite flashy or even a unique change in existing ones.

Hog-Home.Office.Garden weekly is focused on the Kitchen arrangement pattern for the Month of June, and would give a whole new prospect to Kitchen décor and Lighting approach.

The Living Room is characterized by various degrees of complexities and choice of preference, the garden is comfort first and a beautiful arrangement pattern to compliment the choice of design, while the kitchen is spacing and lighting to meet imaginative décor. The Kitchen in particular is riddled with myriads of options and design specifics with Lighting considerations, spacing, and beautification. All this are limited to five notable design patterns, namely;

1.       Island Design Pattern

2.      Parallel or Straight Design Pattern

3.      L-Shape Design Pattern

4.      U-Shape Design Pattern

5.      Open, or Galley Design Pattern


Using Various Interior Décor Pattern for the Kitchen Arrangement

The Island Kitchen décor pattern like its name implies is an Island of Kitchen Cabinets scattered across the space from each other in a very distinct pattern which allows for appropriate Kitchen arrangement just enough for the Kitchen to be transformed into an effective work space. Each Kitchen Counters or Cabinets are designated areas of work, or in this case cooking operations to be done and efficiently carried out from which another counter could be designated to be the landing area where meals are disburse into the dinning space and in a restaurant, meals are first scored after being tasted by the chef before being disbursed to various tables.

On another notion, the Parallel or Straight Kitchen Design pattern gives a whole new meaning to the Kitchen Highway, Two Kitchen Cabinets facing each other and patterned to strictly provide meals. This décor is quite lovely, however it takes out the fun in design. The Parallel design is quite Unique in its form and with the use of Ambient Lighting and cabinet designs could mean new life to the Kitchen arrangement but does not guarantee the unique piece of intellectual design. From one part of the Kitchen cabinet to the next opposite it is the seamless flow of operation, strictly providing meals.

The L Shape design is quite prominent and patterned after its name, Hog-Home.Office.Garden Weekly personal favourite. What makes this design stand out is its unique view and spacing with the accommodation of the Ambient Lighting Pattern. The L Shape design can be used both at home and in the office or restaurant Kitchen spaces. Its unique pattern gives a seamless flow and depicts the Kitchen work space efficiently, with the introduction of a more efficient design pattern. In some designs patterned after this flow, the Kitchen could include a table cabinet either at the centre of the Kitchen space or close to the window, it could also feature in another counter just convenient enough to connect the liquor cabinet opposite it, to the top of the counter for a simple drink with a friend, or a quick cereal snack.

The U Shape décor pattern is quite lovely, forming the letter U in its design pattern, the U shape design is closely similar to the G Shape or Galley design pattern and gives enough spacing at the centre of the Kitchen to allow easy flowing of movement and seamless workflow as well, crossing from one end to another and ultimately ending up in the dinning space and on the dining table. The U Shape Design Pattern comes second to the L Shape design pattern, notably because of its Lighting consideration and accommodation of an extra Kitchen Cabinet at the centre of the Kitchen Shape to accommodate a more seamless workflow.

On an ending note, the Galley Shape design Pattern. The G Shape is quite unique, maybe because of its exquisite pattern of design or the pronunciation of the letter "G" with an high pitch tone, or just simply the investment of time and thinking into its design, the Galley design pattern has a flow and a deliberate attempt to eradicate every stench of boredom in the Kitchen Space, giving in open view from the Kitchen space directly to the dining area. Using the Galley Kitchen design is family time every time, and watching the cooking action from the dining space can leave one with a watering mouth so much that they would be tempted to join the action. Seamless, flawless, unique exquisite design

The Appropriate Lighting for the Kitchen Décor

For appropriate Lighting, the Ambient Lighting pattern is Hog-Home.Office.Garden Weekly advice; it sinks into the design and makes every part of the Kitchen a comfort. Working from the Throne of Grace I would say. The Ambient Lighting allows for under cabinet fixing removing shadowy figures projected by the top cabinets and illuminates the entire space making the Kitchen design not just properly arranged but well lit up and perfectly designed.

The L Shape Pattern and Ambient Lighting

Hog-Home.Office.Garden Weekly gives you the choice of pattern arrangement of the Ambient Lighting while using the L Shape design pattern which guarantees a seamless flow from the Kitchen work space to the dining space. The three important considerations of spacing, lighting and traffic flow are also met and well utilized while encouraging the use of more Kitchen Cabinets to compliment the design pattern making it a hybrid design and has earlier stated Hog design for the week and for the month.

Conclusively the design patterns chosen by Hog are subjected to personal preference and professional tips from satisfied customers. The décor of various interior patterns would be looked into and effectively exploited to ascertain choice and reasons for this choice from our respective customers.

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