Top 7  Conference Tables on HOG furniture.

Top 7 Conference Tables on HOG furniture. 0

 Here's a comprehensive list of the best 7 conference tables on HOG furniture. This list contains conference tables for different spaces and gatherings.


  1. Arko Glass Conference Table:


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A good buy for a price of N279,000.00, the Arko glass conference table sports a contemporary design made from quality glass.

A 10-seater table with dimensions 3000×1100×750mm, this table is a smart combination of chic and value for a reasonable price.




  1. Canyon Conference table:


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Having a 90 days warranty, a 75% advance payment and 14 days refund policy; the canyon conference table sports the best wood and a sleek black finish.

With dimensions 3m by 1.2m, the canyon —a 10-seater— is made on demand for a grand price of N450,000.00.




  1. 26-Seater conference table:


Arguably the best buy for its features, this 26-seater wooden dynamo comes with a large elegant design, a 3 coat painting and an open middle design for flowers.

This masterpiece also sports a double shelf tabletop and a beastly 2000×769×6000 dimension to host about 18-28 chairs.

A super sleek veneer surface wraps it up as a perfect conference table. Available for a fine price of N950,000.00. Click here to view


  1. Architonic glass conference table:


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Superb for smaller conference halls and small . Tatheringsthe Architonic glass conference table has a contemporary design, fine glass and a 2400×1100×750mm dimension.  

An 8-seater glass spectacle that sells for a grand price of N260,000.00.



  1. 6-Seater Conference table:


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An oval shaped wonder that combines class and value for a reasonable price of N102,000.00.  Donning a perfect beech and dimension of 2.0×1.2m, the 6-seater is ideal for small spaces and gatherings.



  1. Coach Conference table:


Arguably the predecessor of the 26-seater, this 20-seater wonder sports a 8×1.5M dimension a sleek finish and a center design. The coach sells for a fine price of N450,000.00 which undoubtedly is worth its anti-wear-and-tear nature and 90 days warranty. Click here to shop


  1. Warden conference table:


Donning a grand appearance for a rather reasonable price of N450,000.00, the warden conference table is perfect for large board meetings.

A smart finish and a unique design make the warden conference table a hot deal and a must get. Click here to shop


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Personal Computer Desk Buying Guide

Personal Computer Desk Buying Guide 0

Personal Computer Desk Buying Guide

Buying a personal computer desk is much more than walking into a furniture shop. There are some important things to consider such as the intended use and your health. Apart from these, you may also be limited to a certain budget. Computer desks have differing designs and source materials. Choosing the right one is also a function of your personal taste.

At the end of the day, you want a desk that provides you with comfort and complements your home.

Here is a guide to get you on your way when buying a personal computer desk in Nigeria.

Consider the use of the computer desk

Will the desk be used for relaxation or for business?

Perhaps, it will also accommodate children beginning their computer journey. In this case, you will need a complementing chair that is adjustable.

You have to think through why you need a computer desk and the people who will be using it.

computer desk

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Have a knowledge of the extra accessories you may need

Usually, a personal computer comes with a CPU, a screen, keyboard, and mouse. Extra accessories are printers, scanners, photocopiers, and routers etc. For a graphics designer, architect or music producer, you may need to clone a PC requiring extra screens.

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There are instances where the desk will be designed so another user can join you with a personal laptop. If this is the case, then you have to factor this equipment into your plan when buying a personal computer desk. You may need a drawer for safekeeping of paper and other stationery.

Think ergonomics

Ergonomics is as “an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely”. In a nutshell, ergonomics involves designing/arranging tools for more efficient, safe human use.

A personal computer desk should be designed in such a way that it doesn’t stress you – the user. I have sat on swivel chairs that gave me more discomfort than expected. Special consideration has to go into the type of seat and desk you buy.

There should be enough table surface space so that your PC's monitor is at about an arm’s length from your eyes. The base of the desk should have ample leg space.

Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office Chair 

Consider the available space

Consider the space where the desk will fit. L-shape computer desks, for example, are great for house corners as they fit perfectly. More space affords you the chance to use bigger computer desks. But if you’re short of space, you may consider a desk with a more minimalist design.

Spectrum  Executive Table

Worth considering is the availability and positioning of power sockets.

Factor in your personal style/taste

The difference in personal taste and styles also play a key role in the desk you choose. Not everyone is a fan of metal finishing.

2-Meter Executive Table

You may be inclined to the cold touch of a metal desk. Others may like the old feel of a wooden desk. Carefully considering these personal tastes will go a long way in helping you decide the type of desk you want.

I guess you might want to see more, click here to see our collection of executive table

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How to Protect your Outdoor & Garden Furniture

How to Protect your Outdoor & Garden Furniture 0

Tips on How to Protect your Outdoor & Garden Furniture

Protecting outdoor and garden furniture from the weather and the elements is a top priority, in order for them to reach their long lasting potential.

The biggest threat to outdoor furniture is weather; rust, dampness leading to pest infestation, chipping away of wood and the list could be endless.

Presented here are some tips on the protection of outdoor and garden furniture to help remove you from these risks.

1. Evaluation of Weather Conditions

It is important to evaluate the weather conditions and climate of your location, in order to be earlier forewarned about the style and choice of furniture to buy and the care of same.

Living in an environment prone to a lot of rainfall might require looking into metal furniture. These knowledge helps drive wise decisions about your outdoor furniture, so your purpose is not defeated in the long run.

2. Paint or Vanish

Paints and Vanish provide a protective coat over your furniture, keeping them at a safer place from destruction by weather forces. There are known waterproof paints and varnish which you might find in your best interest to use.

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3. Cover

Covering your outdoor furniture could go in several forms. It could involve building a patio cover for your garden and outdoor lounge or could involve using tarps as covering for the furniture when they are not in use.

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Whatever the kind of cover or even both that you choose to favour, it should be done with a diligence and drive, knowing that covering your furniture from the elements are buying them more time daily.

4. Positioning and Placing

The positioning of your outdoor furniture is important for their durability. When furniture is positioned in such a way that they are kept under the direct glare of sunlight or rain, it does more harm than good in most cases.

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Thus, determining the positions where your furniture would sit under your patio cover is an art in itself. It is best to position furniture under some form of shade, either shade from a tree or artificially generated shades.

Outdoor garden furniture can have quite the same lifespan as their indoor counterparts and serve for many long months, the secret is Care.

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5 Common Kitchen Layout & Shapes

5 Common Kitchen Layout & Shapes 0

The typical traditional triangle that separates the range, sink and refrigerator has totally progressed into a more functional and efficient "work zone" concept.


The home's kitchen layout consists of a spacious center island with sink, that helps to ascertain the open kitchen from the rest of the house. Of course having that in mind, we now have to increase clearances and look at adding appropriate spaces in the kitchen.

Here are the 5 Common Kitchen Layout & Shapes:


1) One-Wall Kitchen:

Initially called the "Pullman kitchen," the one-wall kitchen layout is typically found in loft spaces or a studio apartment because it’s the best space saver.

One Wall Kitchen Layout

Cabinets and appliances are attached to a single wall. Most modern designs also involve an island, which transforms the space into a kind of Galley style with a walk through the corridor.


2) Galley Style Kitchen:

This adept “clean” layout is perfect for smaller spaces. The galley kitchen, simply known as the walkthrough kitchen.

Gallery Style Kitchen

It is distinguished by two walls facing each other or two side-by-side counter tops amidst a walkway in the middle. Galleys make the perfect use of every little space, and there are definitely no corner cabinets to configure.


3) L-Shape:

An L-shaped kitchen unravels the problem of expanding corner spaces, and it’s also a clever design for small and medium sized kitchens.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The flexible L-shaped kitchen includes countertops on two adjacent walls that are perpendicular, forming an L shape. The “legs” of the L can be as long or as short as you want, although making them less than 12 to 15 feet will allow you to conveniently use the space.


4) Horseshoe:

The horseshoe or U-shape kitchen layout typically has approximately three walls of cabinets/appliances. Today, this design has progressed from just three walls to an L-shaped kitchen, with an island creating the third “wall.”

u-shaped kitchen layout

This design works efficiently well because it allows the flow of traffic and workflow around the island. You can actually get more cooks into the kitchen if you want.


5) Kitchen Island:

A working kitchen island may consist of appliances and cabinetry for storage and it constantly adds extra work surface to a kitchen. It can create a place to eat (with stools), to prepare and cook food (with a sink) and to reserve beverages (with a wine cooler).

Kitchen Island

The island can immediately turn a one-wall kitchen into a galley style, and an L-shaped layout into a horseshoe.

Kitchen islands are amazingly functional, but the reality is, lots of kitchens commonly doesn't  have enough clearance or space to include this feature.

Are you looking for modern kitchen designs for your home?

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click here to see our kitchen buying guide

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Top 5 Under ₦250,000 Sofa Seats on

Top 5 Under ₦250,000 Sofa Seats on 0

When shopping for sofa seats for your living room, criteria like style, sturdiness, size, and comfortability matter.

Price also comes into mind and most times they take center stage in determining what you buy. At HOG Furniture you can get amazing sofa seats for your living room that will meet every criterion you set at affordable prices.

Our number one sofa seat is the Solanze Sofa Set.

For ₦174,000 you can get this ace sofa seat set, >>  Shop now

Comfortable and affordable. It is made up of top notch synthetic leather. This sofa set has a stylish modern outlook that can make a difference in any room it is put in.

The Wyclef Sofa set.

Price: ₦167,040

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It is a highly rated sofa set with top grain leather, a solid hardwood frame and metal coil springs with rust and moisture proofing.

The set has a high-density elasticity foam, known for its coziness and long durability. As well as the gaps it will bring in any space you choose to put it. Whether in an office or a home.

 Vita Baby Sofa. - A Vita Brand specifically made for children.

Vita Baby Sofa

Price: ₦24,889 

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It is made from the quality foam of medium density and is highly durable and comfortable. This sofa comes in a pretty color and can be converted to also serve as a sleeping area for when the child is tired after play.

Vita Sofa Bed 

Price: ₦53,869

A sofa bed is a multifunctional sofa which can be unfolded to bring out a mattress. It combines two biggest furniture items you can have in your home.

It is ideal for homes with little floor space and for a young graduate planning to start off life. The Vita sofa bed is an all foam furniture that easily converts into a bed when not being used for sitting. It is available with or without arm rests.

Vita Solid Sofa

Vita Solid Sofa

Price: ₦54,500

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An all-foam sofa complete with headrest. Vita Solid is made from resilient, high density, flexible foam that is lightweight and easy to move around.

Using vita solid eliminates the risk of injury as there are no hard parts or sharp corners to hit against. Vita solid is firm and has a unique shape to assure a relaxed and easy sitting posture. It comes in Aqua Clean fabric.

If you were really looking for affordable living room Seat, has it all

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6 Reasons you should consider Synthetic Rattan Furniture

6 Reasons you should consider Synthetic Rattan Furniture 0

Rattan wood belongs to the palm family and grows mainly in the Southeast Asia. It has a durability and flexibility that makes it ideal for making furniture.

 synthetic rattan

Rattan furniture can be made from two materials: the synthetic Rattan and the Natural Rattan.

The Natural Rattan furniture cannot withstand being in the open for long as it is susceptible to mold when it is damp. Constant exposure to sunlight, rain or continual changes in temperature or humidity would affect Natural rattan furniture and break it apart, even if it is treated with UV protectant.

Synthetic Rattan furniture is mostly used for outdoor furnishings as they can withstand all sort of weather conditions and last longer than the Natural rattan furniture. It is also less expensive than the Natural ones.

Synthetic rattan

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Synthetic rattan furniture is gaining more popularity as many believed it has more character, looks more prestigious and can be used indoors as well but this is a matter of personal preferences.

Here are some reasons you should consider Rattan Furniture

It's Aesthetic Appeal

Rattan is a strong palm plant that grows vertically. When making rattan furniture, it is steamed and bent into the desired shape. It retained this shape permanently once it is dried. Both the natural and the synthetic one are woven the same way and comes in different styles and shapes and it adds elegance to your garden or patio.

LUGANO White Lounger

It has high Adaptability

Rattan furniture can be used anywhere. It works in all locations, either indoor or outdoor and can easily fit into spaces of all styles and types. It blends with anything ranging from traditional to modern styles and adds to the look of the space as a whole. Either you use it in the garden, on the deck, on your balcony, rattan furniture looks fantastic there!

It is light in weight but very strong

Compare to other bulky and heavy outdoor furniture, it has the advantage of being light in weight, yet it is very strong. This quality makes it the top and the only choice for many people as it's almost weightlessness makes it easy to move around. The fact that it is also very strong makes it a perfect choice for outdoor purpose.

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It is easy to maintain

Rattan furniture is relatively easy to maintain and to take care of. By following few easy rules, this furniture would last for years after its purchase.

  1. Whenever you need to move it, always lift it since it is lightweight and never drag it because this can cause damage.
  2. The feet can be protected with rubber stoppers or felt pads to prevent splintering.
  3. Wipe it gently with a soft cloth with dish washing liquid and water for the regular cleaning and you can use a small brush to get the dirt out of the hidden crevices. The chairs should be completely dry before replacing the cushions if it has one.
  4. It can also be thoroughly cleaned once in a year by spraying with dishwashing solution and hosing it down completely but make sure it is dry thoroughly in the sun as being damp may cause mildew.
  5. When it is completely dry, you can make it more weather-proof by spraying it with waterproof lacquer or sealant.
  6. Rather than moving it in and out of the house to protect it against the harsh weather, you can protect it with easily removable furniture covers when they are not in use.

It has boundless Variety

As earlier mentioned, Rattan has the ability to be shaped into almost any form and as a result, they are produced in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes. This allows anyone, no matter your preference or budget to be able to find something that will suit their taste.

White Santorini Armchair 4 Set

It is Eco-friendly

Apart from the fact that Rattan furniture completely transforms the entire appearance of your outdoor space, it is also eco-friendly. In addition to creating a relaxing environment where friends and family can mingle and relax, it would also be beneficial to the environment as well.

Looking for elegant and beautiful synthetic rattan garden furniture at discounted prices shop online on

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