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How to Decorate in a Contemporary Style

How to Decorate in a Contemporary Style 0

Designers Guide To Decorating In Contemporary Style

Contemporary style can be used interchangeably with modern style but there are differences between them and even some similarities. Though the word modern interprets itself as something new and up to date, the modern style of design actually started a very long time ago and follows strict rules of open spaces, strong lines and neutral colors. 

The contemporary style is much more recent and is bold in style. Contemporary style favors open spaces, clean lines and free flow of colors from neutral to brighter ones and elements and materials inspired by nature with a casual atmosphere. The idea behind this style is fresh and innovative as well as simple.

To give your home that contemporary look, then the following basic rules should be followed.

1. Color - Color is one of the major items to focus on on the list to achieving an amazing contemporary style. Neutral colors are the main stay in contemporary style. Colors of white, charcoal, cream are great in creating backdrops for other displayed accessories. 

2. Light - Let there be light and there was light from orb chandeliers and pendant lights. There are varieties of light fixtures that will go well in a contemporary style setting such as close to ceiling lamps, Led lights and stealth pendant lights. 

3. Furniture - Contemporary style furniture tends to be a little basic but bold enough to make a statement. They should be free of any excessive details like prints or tassels. Neutral colors do well for contemporary furniture. 

An armless black leather sofa paired with a polished wooden coffee table is an example. You can add throw pillows with warm colors to create an eye catching effect. 

4. Adornments - A plant can be used as finishing touch to a contemporary style. Or an eclectic wood work strategically placed to infuse sophistication. Pottery works as well as sculptures create a sublime atmosphere.

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Are you a Mompreneur? Here's How to Setup Your Home Office!

Are you a Mompreneur? Here's How to Setup Your Home Office! 0

A working mum is admirable. You juggle between taking care of your children, being there for your husband, having a solid grip on your career or business, having a life, and so on.

You juggle multiple roles and you are expected to be above average in all the roles you play. Well done mothers!

If you work from home, there are some pros and cons of that. You get to save up on transport fare, no need dress up in fancy clothes, you get to spend more time with your family, and simply enjoy yourself. However, it could become boring over time, lonely, and you may not have the opportunity to easily communicate or collaborate with others and so on.

Well said, we have found out that one of the things that make working from home easier and fun-loving is having the right home office or work space.

home office

The right home office or workspace will increase your productivity, help you focus more on your work. It will also reduces unplanned interference from other people and help you keep your things organized, and so on.

Here are some tips on how a mompreneur can set up the right home office:

1.       Get the Right Space: Where you work is as important as how you work. You need to get somewhere that would be free from noise and distractions. The place ought to have proper natural lighting as well.

2.      Get Appropriate Furniture: When getting your furniture, remember to get pieces that are children friendly for situations when your children might come into your office or workspace. In addition, your furniture must fit your space as well as your style. It has to be pieces you love because you will spend most of your working hours there. You also need to make sure your furniture pieces are ergonomic. Ergonomic designs or furniture pieces are designed for working efficiently or safely. Order your custom and ergonomic furniture pieces here with ease.

3.      Create a Schedule: You also need to set out specific time frame you would work. This will keep you focused and help you understand when and how to take breaks and so on. A schedule will also give you an overview of your work and how free or busy you are. A schedule can also improve productivity and organization.

4.       Decoration: When choosing your décor pieces, make sure you choose items that encourages one’s productivity. Avoid busy or noisy decorative items.

5.      Colours: The colours you choose ought to also have a calming effect. They shouldn’t distract you or make you feel disconnected from your work. You should also choose colours that inspire creativity and productivity.

6.       Plants: Find a way to incorporate plants into your money, they make your space feel fresh and beautiful. 

mompreneur home office

7.       Organize: Organize your home office so that your kids won’t easily scatter them or put them out of place. Organizing your space also helps you to be more productive.

8.      Know when to stop working: Know when you need to stop working and do other things like tending to your kids.

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Happy Working From Home Mompreneurs!

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How to create a Man Cave within your Living Space

How to create a Man Cave within your Living Space 0

Looking for tips on how to create your cave?

According to psychiatrist and author Scott Haltzman, it is important for a man to have a place to call his own.

A man cave or man space is a special male retreat in a house (especially one shared with a woman) where a man can do his own thing without being bothered and in turn not bother anyone. It is his to design and take care of.

It is where he goes to relax, play his games, work on his personal projects, watch his favorite sports and hang out with his friends. Man caves can be constructed in spare rooms, the garage or basement if you happen to have one. Below is an archetype list to use when creating your man cave. 

1. Prepare the Space - First thing you need to do when making your man cave is to access the space you want to use. Visualize your man cave in its finished form and be ready to work towards actualizing it. The size of the space should give you the blueprint of things you can put in it to avoid crowding. 

2. Paint or wallpaper the room - Paint the room your favorite color and add wallpapers of your choice. This is your space. You want to make it you in every way. Add works of art and specially designed posters of things or athletes or sports clubs you like. Add curtains or blinds if the space calls for it.