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Exhibition Introduction  

At the turn of the century, Pearl River, the pearl of a global furniture exhibition industry - China's Guangzhou Home Fair, has risen so far and has been held for 40 consecutive years. From 2015, every March and September held in Guangzhou Pazhou and Shanghai Hongqiao respectively, effectively radiating the most vibrant Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta regions in China, opening a new chapter in the history of Chunhua Qiushi and Shuangcheng.

 In the past two decades, the China National Expo has always insisted on exhibitors and audiences. The pursuit of a beautiful cause by exhibitors and visitors is the concept of the exhibition’s goals. It is based on the scale, variety and quality of the exhibition. With a high audience and many audiences, it has won the trust of the industry and has always enjoyed a reputation as a barometer for the Chinese home furnishing industry.
In March, China Guangzhou Home Fair is a model for the integration of the best business y the industry and the enterprise. In 2018, the China National Exhibition will be “ingenuity, quality, and versatility”. Set sail for the theme, with an exhibition scale of 750,000 square meters, more than 4,000 exhibitors cover all topics such as civil modern furniture, civil classic furniture, jewelry home textile, outdoor home, office and hotel furniture, furniture production equipment and accessories accessories, and home design.node and high-quality exhibition platform in the past year. It has always been liked b
The entire industry chain has become the flagship of the aircraft carrier leading the healthy development of the Chinese home furnishing industry and stimulating the continuous growth of the global home furnishing industry.
CIFF brand- Take a look ahead
A quick look into the brands to participate:
Global Vision Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is solely responsible for the Asian markets of GLOBAL VIEWS and STUDIO and HOME, two of North America's high-end home design brands, aiming to bring the best furniture and home accessories to Asia.
Global Visions Home Design
Uttermost is a 43-year-old American home furnishing brand that works with well-known American home furnishing designers to provide the world's newest and most extensive home furnishing products in real time. Products cover a small furniture, wall mirrors, decorative pendants, paintings, lamps, bells, flowers, furnishings and so on. The customer base is spread all over the world, from New York to London, from Sydney to Paris, including the world's top homeware retailers, internationally renowned furniture brands and five-star hotels, while providing jewelry support services for the top home customization projects.
Referring to Ralph Lauren, people's first reaction must be a luxury brand, a high-end suit, and the most famous polo polo shirt. What few people know is that in the field of home and furniture, Ralph Lauren is also uniquely continuing the myth of the brand immortality, and brings an extraordinary boutique home life experience to the elites of the United States and the world.
Founded in 1987, ARTERIORS is the flagship of fashion design in the home furnishing industry in the United States . Arteriors product line covers a wide range of lighting, art, jewelry, small pieces of furniture and other fields, is the leading brand of high-end home accessories market, but also the world's largest interior designers competing partners sought after.
The 41st China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair would take place at Guangzhou Pazhou • Canton Fair & Poly World Trade Expo Center
No.380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, 1000 Xin East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City. 
The first issue: March 18-21, 2018 The second issue: March 28, 2018 - March 31, 2018
The event promises to be a very interesting one!

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