Latest Customs Regulation & How it affects Interior Decoration Industry


It is no longer news that the Federal Government of Nigeria had in 2015 lifted the embargo on the importation of Furniture and other sundry commodities into the country.

According to the report as written by the Vanguard newspaper dated 23rd June, 2015, Furniture, textile and other items have become dutiable as they have being removed from the import prohibition list. This policy on the removal was in line with the laws guiding the Common External Tariff.

Therefore importers of furniture are expected to pay 35% duty as agreed by the Ecowas member countries, as well as the levy as contained in the Import Adjustment Tax (IAT).

It will be recalled that the reason for the ban was because Government wanted to protect the local industries involved in the manufacturing of these goods.

However, what seems to be news is that due to previous abuse of Customs and regulations and frequent by-passing of declarations, brand new furniture are prohibited to be shipped into Nigeria in household goods shipment.

If new furniture is found in the shipment, this will lead to the total seizure of the container as well as the whole consignments.

Also, note that old and unused furniture shipped in quantities larger than a set per room will attract fines and duty/takes from Customs Duties.

Furthermore, furniture, though allowed into the country still suffer some exemptions such as a baby walker, laboratory cabinets such as microscope table, fume cupboards, laboratory benches, stadium chairs, heights adjustment devices, base sledge, seat frames and control mechanism, arm guide and head guides.

Also excluded are skeptical parts of furniture such as blanks, upholstered or unfinished parts of metal, plastic, veneer, chair shell etc. Also excluded are motor vehicles seats and seats other than garden seats or camping equipment, convertible into beds.

The updated Customs regulations should be carefully considered when furniture is shipped into Nigeria.

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Ubong Usen

Ubong Usen

great info. Hope the info is still true in 2019?

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