Norwalk identifies summer upholstery cover trends

Color and textile themes emerged from Norwalk’s comprehensive forecasting process

NORWALK, Ohio – Custom upholstery manufacturer Norwalk Furniture has identified four emerging color and textile trends for the summer of 2020.

Those four themes – “Scandi-Wear,” “Tannery,” “Green Envy” and “Easy Does It” – range from soft rose and blue colorways that echo a casual vibe to mixed browns that play up spice tones, emerged as prominent narratives from Norwalk’s forecasting process, which includes global trend-spotting trips, decorating trends in leading design publications, interior paint trends and key takeaways from the fall 2019 ITA Showtime.

The themes will be added to the Norwalk’s product line with 125 new fabric and leather choices in a variety of coordinating colors, patterns and textures.

The four trends present earthier palettes with spicy tones, energetic greens and mixed colorways for a casual aesthetic with the addition of several new performance fabric and performance leather options.

“The spice tones that were so strong last season will continue into 2020, paired with a strong brown influence that pull the theme toward an earthier palette,” said Dixon Bartlett, chief creative officer of Norwalk Furniture. “It is color pairings like these that make these nature-inspired tones so lively and energetic.

“We are seeing lighter spring colors like lavender and dandelion play up the richness of deep greens and emeralds as well as cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric and clove paired with many shades of rich brown, while soft rose and blue are paired with khaki for a casual aesthetic,” he added. “These pairings tie in masterfully with our newly refreshed leather collection, which has been expanded with new performance finishes, allowing consumers and designers to style these pieces in a variety of well lived-in spaces.”


Highlighting the Scandinavian-hip aesthetic and masterful color mixing of the Kim Salmela for Norwalk Furniture Collection, the Scandi-Wear trend combines menswear-inspired textiles and mixed-scale layouts to create a relaxed, casual feel. Plaids and stripes in soft rose and blue colorways merge with rich mustard tones and black accents for a crisp look.


As spice tones continue to dominate, they will see a refreshing twist this summer reflected in Tannery, which presents cinnamon, nutmeg and turmeric hues anchored with brown undertones that take this theme to an earthier palette.

Green Envy

Echoing nature-inspired hues, Green Envy pulls in deeper shades of emerald, shamrock and pickle for the framework of this trend. Darker green tones are paired with mustard and dandelion tones, while lighter shades like pickle softly interplay with light violets including periwinkle and lavender.

Easy Does It

Inspired by everyday life, Easy Does It will introduce two new performance concepts that are not only family-friendly but offer a variety of pattern, texture and color. Purely Protected leathers are light tolerant, scratch resistant and soil resistant, while 50 new Inside Out fabrics join the company’s fabric portfolio with premier ratings for light fastness, soil resistance and a broad range of designs.

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