10 decorating tips for families with kids

Having kids around is fun and exciting! There is always no dull moment.

However, care has to be taken when decorating your home for kids because kids will always be kids and you can’t compare them to adults.

While handling your home designs and decoration, there is a need to consider your kids so as to create a safe space for them and you.

You need to consider all the things you kids might do and how items in your house can withstand them. Things like siblings fight, playing, drama, etc.

Here are 10 useful decorating tips for families with kids:

1.       Safety is important:

There are flooring that are anti-slip and fire-retardant; you can invest in them. In addition, you can avoid using center tables with sharp edges, ceramic decorations, and so on.

2. Incorporate indestructible materials and finishes:

Think about your kids and opt for items that won’t get easily destroyed as a result of plays among your children. Instead of going for delicate pictures, go for indestructible materials and finishes. Opt for walls that won’t easily stain, heavyweight curtain fabrics rather than lightweight fabrics.

3. Go for dark coloured sofas:

You don’t want to get a sofa that within a few months it starts changing colors. Your sofas are prone to get stained and when you have kids at home, the possibility is higher. And so, go for dark colored sofas instead.

4. Make sure there is a place for everything:

If you want things to be easier to clean, arranged, and monitored; then you need to have a place for everything. Get handy storage containers you can use around your home.

5.  Make space for kids

Don’t forget to carve out a dedicated space for your kids to place and enjoy themselves; or else, they might bring their plays to places you don’t want them to bring it to in the house.

6.  Add some words of wisdom on the wall:

This can be fun and creative yet morally uplifting for your children. This would also go a long way in igniting their consciousness to the environment and other life issues.

7.  Invest in easy-to-clean pieces:

Invest in easy-to-clean pieces in order to take care of your décor items effectively. Imagine watercolor stains on your ottoman?

8. Hang your kids’ art projects:

Do this to inspire them and encourage them to do more and get creative. Display their trophies, prizes and other things as this would give them a sense of importance and also boost their esteem.

9.  Get creative with their rooms:

Be creative when designing their rooms. You can get creative with their beds, walls, paintings, etc. Help them arrange their rooms and stuff in a way that keeps them ignited and in tunes. 

10.  Keep accessories out of reach:

Make sure you place your accessories in areas where your kids can’t easily fiddle with them. Make sure you keep harmful objects and other things such as pills out of your children's reach.

Do you have more decorating tips for us? You can them below, we would love to hear from you.


Aishat Amoo

Lifestyle writer who likes motivating people through her writing, for them to be who God wants them to be.

Msc.  Mass Communication, Inbound certified marketer.

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