12 Types Of Seating Options For Your Porch

12 Types Of Seating Options For Your Porch

When you have a beautiful garden or lawn, the best way to enjoy the view is with a porch where you can sit back and unwind. Always remember that the porch should have all the essentials, including the right seating options.   

 Whether you have a front porch that welcomes guests or a back porch suitable for entertaining, it’s the ideal space for relaxation. Most homeowners love how a porch works as an extra living room, especially during the summer season when everyone just wants to enjoy the outdoors.  

 The right seating option will have a vital role in how your porch will look. Aside from the aesthetic aspect, your choice of seating furniture will influence your comfort while you’re enjoying the outdoors or the company of family and friends.

Check out the some of the most popular porch seating options below: 

  1. Wicker Outdoor Furniture  

 If you want a stylish yet practical choice for the porch seating in your home, a wicker furniture set is one of the best alternatives to consider, especially an outdoor one. Since it’s produced in various materials suitable for the outdoors, it can withstand exposure to the elements for years while retaining its color and overall functionality. There are also plenty of styles to choose from that will complement your outdoor décor or theme. 

2.  Porch Swing Bed 

A porch swing bed can accommodate a standard twin bed mattress. If you want a comfortable seating option on your porch, the mattress, along with other cushions and textiles, offers the ideal combination. Family members and even guests who come over will surely fight over who gets to sit in the swing bed first.  A porch swing bed exudes a relaxing vibe and serves as a sanctuary for unwinding while you’re enjoying the incredible view of the outdoors. 

3. Chair Swing  

 Another appealing seating option for your porch is a chair swing. You can find various models available in the market these days in varying styles and sizes. Try installing a hanging chair swing even if your porch doesn’t have a roof over it. Some come with their own roof and support system.  

4. Aluminum Furniture  

 If you’re looking for the ideal porch seating that imparts a stylish color palette, you should go for aluminum furniture. As a resilient type of furniture, you can quickly move it around to your liking. Depending on your color preference, you can choose the traditional black aluminum or a different shade for a pop of color.  

5. Hammock Chairs  

 A hammock chair can provide a unique seating arrangement to your porch. You can find a variety of hammock chairs in the market that works well outdoors. You can find one with a suspension base or one that can be suspended from the roof. The chairs are also available in different materials. 

6. Lounge Chairs  

 A lounge chair is a very popular choice for most homeowners. This type of furniture is slightly longer than a standard chair, making it the ideal choice for people who like to stretch out and relax when they’re hanging out in their porch. It’s perfect if you want to enjoy the warmth of the sun during summer, or if you’re looking to get a tan.  

 There are various types of lounge chairs in the market. You can find them in different materials. The real wood options are quite in-demand and usually include ornate cushions for comfort. Some are available in materials that can withstand the elements, so they’re perfect even if you don’t have a roof over your porch. 

7. Rocking Chair  

 A rocking chair has been a popular choice for a porch or a deck. If you love the classic vibe that rocking chairs exude, you can find several good options for your porch. You’ll easily find the traditional wooden versions, but they’re also available in modern designs.   You can also find rocking chairs made of wicker. Pair it with cushions in the colors of your choice. The ideal rocking chair adds an inviting and cozy feeling to your porch. 

8. Adirondack Chairs 

 An Adirondack chair is a wooden type of seating option with a distinct design. The chair slopes downward, so you’re going to be sitting in quite deeply. If you need an accent chair, it’s the ideal choice.   

 Some have extra features such as a cup holder, while others can accommodate two people. As a versatile seating option for your porch, it’s something worth checking out if you want a versatile element in your porch. 

9. Bench  

 If you want a convenient seating option on your porch that can accommodate many people, a bench is the best option. For those who regularly entertain many guests or family members, you could consider getting several in a style that matches your overall design aesthetic. 

10. Balcony Chair  

 Balcony chairs are a staple choice for many. It’s an elevated type of chair that’s tall enough for a bar setting. The chair has a stable base with a step where you can rest your feet. It might be a good alternative if your home has a small porch. 

11. Table Bench  

 Consider getting a table bench to accentuate the other elements on your porch. This multi-purpose furniture is very cost-effective and functional. There’s no need for you to buy a table or a chair separately because this piece comes with both. A table bench is a great option that works well in providing both a table and a seating space for your guests. It’s both spacious and comfortable. 

12. Glider  

 For many homeowners, a glider can provide all the necessary functions in a seating option that moves while staying upright. With this seating option, it has a rocking motion while its base stays flat on the ground. It prevents you from damaging your porch or lawn over years of rocking. 


 When it comes to porch seating options, you can find a wide selection to choose from. If you want your porch to exude an inviting and comfortable vibe, finding the ideal seating option is crucial. Make sure to choose one that is suitable for outdoor use and will last you for a long time. 

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