3 Types of Art and Furniture Pieces That Are Great For Your Luxury Home

3 Types of Art and Furniture Pieces That Are Great For Your Luxury Home

There is nothing quite like a well-designed and fully furnished luxury home. From decorative interior pieces that showcase your unique personality and taste to carefully curated furnishings that combine the best of aesthetics and functionality, luxury art pieces and designer furniture will elevate your home and take it to a new level of customization.    

 Keeping up with luxury real estate trends means having to pay attention to the smallest details and being meticulous. And it’s more than just the glitz and glamour—you’ll have to figure out how to put all the pieces together and ensure that each one satisfies all your needs for function and beauty while complementing you and your family’s lifestyles.   

 Designing and furnishing your luxury home can be pretty challenging, but it’s undoubtedly an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We’ve got you covered with tips and things to consider so you can choose bespoke character pieces that combine comfort and style and make your home stand out!

The Classics Never Go Out of Style 

Picture one large-scale work of art displayed in a beautiful frame, and you’ll get that high-end distinction to your home. If you have a penchant for impressive artwork, don’t think twice about making it the focal point of your room design. It’s best to work with large wall decor pieces for living rooms.   

 Whether you’re going to hang a gallery wall to make a bold statement or opt to go with a painting with landscapes, portraits, animals, or still life as themes, the most important thing to keep in mind is to be creative about drawing the attention of your guests.   

 Also, see to it that the art you display matches your overall color palette and theme so you’ll be able to achieve the atmosphere you desire for your luxury home —whether that’s rustic, contemporary, dramatic, or subtle.   

 Original oil paintings and other forms of fine art are also common fixtures of upscale homes. Why not take your luxury art to the next level by incorporating Baroque-style elements into your high-end abode? You can look for eye-catching, original works by contemporary artists or go for gilded accessories, highly embellished walls and ornamental pieces, or floral, ornate prints and fabrics. 

 Think of Customized Design and Play with Colors, Texture, and Shapes 

Whites, grays, neutrals, and black are go-to colors when it comes to luxury and sophistication, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stretch your imagination and choose colors that excite you. Blues and greens, for example, look very clean and elegant and make your luxurious space feel very calm and confident. Yellow, red, and orange, meanwhile, are vibrant hues that can make your room exude warmth and radiance.   

 Harmony and contrast are essential factors to consider when you’re designing and furnishing a luxury home. With intelligent use of colors, you’ll be able to combine light and dark shades, create ease of movement from one space to another, and keep it looking amazing together. Add a feeling of depth to your design with textures and patterns. Play with wood, metal, velvet, feather, and leather to create an effect that best suits your personality.    

 When it comes to shapes, nothing beats the allure of meticulously handcrafted sculptures. They make elegant conversation pieces and can help you achieve harmony and balance in your design. Explore sculptures with delicate lines, mysterious spirals, and sensual curves. 

Experiment with Wallpapers, Antique Furniture, and Exotic Carpets

Wallpapers are simple yet cool and effective ways to define the mood for your home decor and make your property look and feel comfortably lavish. Try out different patterns and styles to evoke luxury—from abstract patterns of modern art and vintage florals for that Victorian-styled space to fruit motifs, lush greenery, majestic landscape views, and more.    

 Antique furniture does wonders when you seek to add that element of grandeur and priceless elegance to your luxury interior decor. Antique table and chairs in your dining room, a piano sitting pretty at a corner of the living room, or a bookcase that captures your love for timeless tales—these are just some of the sentimental pieces that can bring the wisdom of age that can impress your guests and visitors.    

 Do not estimate the power of ethnic rugs and carpets to add exquisite detail to your luxury floors. Mix and match rugs with different patterns and textures to accentuate your living or dining room and anchor the space. High-quality Persian and Oriental rugs and carpets, for example, add a hint of opulence to your home because of their intricate weaving and embroidery. 

Evoking the High-End Feel in Your Home 

Even the littlest details count when you want your luxury home interior decor to stand out with nothing but stimulating colors, textures, patterns, and stories. With these tips and things to consider, you’re well on the right path to choosing the perfect art pieces and furniture that will give you the pleasure and comfort of stunning imagery and style. 

Serene Yu

Serene Yu is the Vice President of New Manila San Juan, the premiere real estate marketplace for luxury properties in the Philippines. Serene is a well-versed writer and marketer that enjoys keeping up with the latest trends in real estate, interior design, and technology. Outside work she enjoys travelling, cooking, and baking. 

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