5 Ways to Add More Color to Your Home Decor

Whether it’s self-isolation or the notion that our homes are our sanctuaries, more people are becoming increasingly in-tuned with having a décor style that is soothing to their souls. For many, white or muted colors bring that kind of peace, but getting color into their homes is becoming more prevalent for many.

Finding ways to bring in color without making mistakes that make rooms far from harmonious can be challenging. Some things to consider when getting in color are:

  • Make sure there is a balance of light in the room.
  • Mixing too many colors can bring the wrong harmony.
  • Not creating cohesiveness with the flow of color.
  • Not giving the eye room to rest.
  • Playing it too safe with colors.

To avoid these mistakes and others, five tips for bringing colors into the décor of your home are:

Add artwork

Art can transform the blandest room, turning it into a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. It can be subtle or dramatic and can completely change the movement and dynamics of a room. Mural-sized artwork is as influential as wallpaper in enriching spaces. Colorful art decor is also one of the most powerful decorating tools because:

  • It can be moved around your house when redecorating.
  • It can set the tone in a room.
  • It enhances the room's color palette.

Paint or wallpaper the ceiling.

The ceiling is an unexpected and surprising place to find a color, but it is always a pleasant surprise. The ceiling is a safe place for shades and adds character and proportion to space. Besides making sure that the ceiling is clean and free of cobwebs and dust, some other tips for painting your ceiling are:

Make sure your furniture is covered.

Select a color that brings you calm, and you'll enjoy looking at it.

If you are painting a pattern, carefully mark the lines.

Tips for wallpapering the ceiling:

  • Ensure your ceiling is fit for wallpapering - the ceiling should be smooth, with no texture.
  • Choose a pattern that matches the color scheme.
  • Line patterns carefully.
  • Keep a smoothing tool in your pocket.

Paint your front door

Impress your quest before they enter your home with a front door that makes a splash. It is the first signal of your flair that your guest will be privileged to upon entry. Therefore, consider moving beyond the classic wood grain, blue, or even red door for more bright colors like neon green, yellow, or orange.

In addition to selecting the right color, getting the right paint is equally important to avoid fading or peeling paint. Consider your finish, including matte, gloss, and semi-gloss, before purchasing colorful paint for your front door.

Paint the insides of your cabinets.

If you enjoy the aesthetics of having a white or muted home but are interested in the surprising pops of color, consider painting the inside of your cabinets. The interior of cabinets gives your shelves a hidden personality unless you want it seen by others.

Painting the insides of cabinets also makes layering a color by adding colored dishes and other decors in hues to accent the knowledge of the cabinet color.

Inside doors

Inside doors can add texture, framework, and color to any room in your home. One door can add color to two different rooms. In addition to color, custom bifold closet doors can bring duality in dimensions into the room. Consider mirrored doors or the texture of shaker-style doors against bold colors.

Whether it’s self-isolation or the notion that our homes are our sanctuaries, more people are becoming increasingly tuned in to the benefits of décor that are soothing to their souls. The peace and serenity of home take our décor to new levels when trying to maintain its calm. Finding ways to bring in color without making mistakes can create rooms that are far from harmonious.

Five tips for bringing colors into your home's décor are adding artwork, painting or wallpapering the ceiling, painting the front door a bright color, painting the insides of cabinets, and considering custom bifold closet doors. These five tips are just some of the ways to bring color into the décor of your home.

Author Bio: Mckenzie Jones

McKenzie is your typical Midwestern gal. When she is not writing or reading, she can be found training for her next half-marathon, baking something sweet, playing her guitar, or cuddled up with her golden retriever, Cooper. She loves watching football, fall weather, and long road trips.

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