6 Features of an Elegant Living Room

Nothing tastes better than elegance, nowhere makes the statement of class more obvious in a home like the Living room. The Living room is mostly the centre of attraction of every home as such it is very important to make it as elegant as possible.

Here are a few features of an elegant living room:

1.       Simplicity

Elegance doesn’t have to have a touch of extravagant and simple doesn’t mean cheap. For a living room to be elegance, simplicity must be considered. This has to do with the type, size, shape, design, colour and texture of the furniture in use.

Keep your furniture designs simple and straight to the point, you don’t want to get your friends, family and visitors mistake a bar stool for a coffee table.

2.       Lighting:

To achieve elegance, it is very important that lighting is carefully considered. It doesn’t matter how much effort is put in a place to make a living room look attractively elegant, without proper lighting, the effort won’t be noticed.

Proper use of Wall lights, table lamps, ceiling lamps and other function-specific lamps will give that desired elegant look to your living room.

3.       Ventilation

No one wants to stay in a stuffy environment, therefore, it is very important to put ventilation into consideration when thinking of an elegant living room. In case the building itself is not properly designed in terms of ventilation, there are electronics such as ceiling fans, standing fans and air conditions can be effectively used.

4.       Decoration

Elegance cannot be achieved without checking in on the decoration. The use of Wallpapers, Flower Vases, and canvas is very important. Proper consideration must be given to necessary décor effects to achieve the level of elegance required.

4.       Shades

Speaking of shades, the colour mixture is very important. Give a proper consideration to the wall painting before picking a colour of cotton to be used which in turn must be considered before making a choice of sofa colour.

5.       Arrangement

An arrangement has to do with the setting of a place. When thinking of an arrangement, the size of a place must be considered. As much as it is a general belief that a bigger place is easily and well arranged, I would like to mention here that this notion is not accurate. No matter how small or how big space it, the arrangement can make it look better than expected.

Making your living room look elegant doesn't really have to take too much sweat. All you need to do is put your heart to it and spend what you can afford. 

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Alagbe Bolaji

A Mechanical Engineer with a flair for writing and great indoor appearance.

Love to drive, travel, read and meet people. 

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