Advanced Security System: A Solution for Home Burglary

Advanced Security System: A Solution for Home Burglary

With more than 100,000 burglaries impacting Canadian families every year, it’s more important than ever to consider the security of your property. It's critical to ensure we are always one step ahead of the criminal mindset, by providing you with the tools and information you need to stay safe. 

 Many people don’t realize that more than 80% of the robberies occur in broad daylight. Burglars are especially active while homeowners are away at work, leaving properties unattended for hours at a time. 

 Fortunately, CSP Alarms has solutions to cover all your blind spots, including live streaming video feeds you can connect to from anywhere with an internet connection. 

 Some of the reasons a burglar targets a local property include:

  •  Neighbourhood type: Upper-middle-class homes, houses on cul de sac, and homes on dead-end drives, are all likely targets of burglary. They are less likely to attract attention, and usually offer valuable belongings to thieves. 
  • Rural Location: Rural homes tend to be spaced further apart. When your neighbours cannot see your property from their doorstep, they are less likely to call the police on your behalf if a break-in occurs. 
  •  Signs of Absence: If your lights are left off, the car is constantly out of the driveway, and newspapers are building up on your steps, thieves are more likely to strike. They will assume the house is empty and an easy target.
  •  Women and Children Present: Sadly, criminals often target the homes of women and children as they feel these individuals are more easily overpowered. This becomes truer when single women or children are home alone at any given time. book.

Are you interested in learning more about CSP Alarms and our security systems? We invite you to give us a call at 1-877-229-7252. Speak with a security expert today and see which services might best benefit your home or business. 

Emily Tracey
Emily Tracey is a content writer from Toronto. She is a Community Manager for small businesses across Canada and likes to research various topics related to finance and technology/security. .

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