All you need to know about choosing the best baby cribs

With the new addition to the family, all must be put in place to accommodate this ‘bundle of joy’. Amongst the things to be considered, the baby crib is one that cannot be overlooked. It is a must-have item for children in their early stages of life; needed by new or expecting parents.

While some parents may prefer cradles or bassinets or bedside sleepers, cribs are better because they are cost-friendly and ease stress. To get the best crib for your babies, parents have to study the product features, its configurations and the ease to mount parts together. They also need to read reviews to know how compatible their choice is. The crib would be baby’s first space so it must be safe, comfortable, accommodating and well-arranged.

Nowadays there are many options and styles of baby cribs to select from. Some cribs have metal slats or wood slats as a mattress support. Others make use of metal frames with wires. Baby cribs have standard requirements, these include:

They should have fitted, firm mattress

There should be no cutouts in the foot- or headboards

They should be devoid of missing or broken hardware or slats

They should have slats that within 2 3/8 inches apart like the width of a soda can

They should have corner posts up to 1/16 inch

Instead of drop-sides, baby cribs should have stationary sides

Selecting a perfect crib would not be stressful after you take the following into consideration:


Cribs come in different sizes and shapes and configurations. Bearing the room size at the back of your mind would guide you on the size of the crib to go for. You don’t want to choose a crib that would occupy too much space in the room. If it is too big, it may not fit into the room. Take the measurements and determine the best crib to opt for.


Handling babies demand extra caution. It is a known fact that babies and toddlers, being adventurous and curious, will probably end up chewing on the crib railings. It is wise to use materials, paints, and stains that are non-toxic.


In this case, the convertible cribs come across as the most attractive but maybe on the high side. They can be converted and reused as full- or-double-sized beds as the child advances in age. If you seek to get the best value from a crib, look for models that are convertible and flexible.

Price Tag

The price tag is of utmost importance. It is best to have a budget then work to accommodate it. You can also make use of discount offers or coupons at furniture stores that make buying cribs easy and affordable.


Patricia Akspo Uyeh  

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She is passionate about youth empowerment, women and children’s rights as well as journalism. She holds a Master’s degree in Regional Planning and Development from the University of Lagos, Akoka.


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