Bathtubs cleaning hacks you should try

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After a hard day at work, the bathtub is one place at home for relaxation, comfort and warmth. Due to its daily usage, it is prone to getting dirty easily from stubborn stains, grime, soap scum and mildew. A dirty bathtub is an eyesore and poses several health hazards. A clean bathtub, on the other hand, is welcoming and soothing for daily use.

 To have a clean bathtub is not tedious affair. All you need to do is follow these bathtub hacks. These include:

Remove stains

Use baking soda to wipe out stubborn stains from the bathtub and tiles. After sprinkling some baking soda directly on the stains, allow to sit for 10 minutes. Use a wet sponge and scrub area until stains go off. For very stubborn stains, a small amount of ammonia would do wonders. But you have to thoroughly wash off because ammonia causes irritation to sensitive skin.

• Clean Tiles

You can use your bathtub cleaners to clean the tiles. Spray all tile surfaces with the cleaner. Leave for few minutes before rinsing off. By doing so, you disinfect germs and odour. Mind you, use mild disinfectant so that your home is protected from poisonous substances. Dampen a clean rag then use to wipe the tiles. Another alternative would be to use disinfectant wipes to clean the tiles.

• Cleaning the bathtub drain

Start by removing all the hair and residue collected in the drain. Then run hot water through the bathtub for about a minute. Finish up by pouring drain clog remover together with water to wash down.

• Polish faucets and Knobs

Toothpaste, hair, soap and general grime leaves your faucets in particular in bad shape. You don’t want to neglect the faucets and knobs while concentrating on other areas of the bathtub. Plain water or mild dish soap and water should be used for cleaning faucets and knobs. After which you can dry clean with a cloth. Then for very stubborn stains such as gunk, apply vinegar and watch your faucets and knobs glow.

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