Bold wall decor ideas you should try

Decorating your living room is more than adding a few cute throw pillows and kitschy accessories. Giving your wall some love would make an additional statement of class and style. Although you can simply keep the walls in a neutral shade and call it a day, there is more you can do. Quite a lot. Let’s discuss a few ways through which you can give your living room that bold and sophisticated look.


It is not off-track to assume that playing with fabric only applies to clothing and window drapes. But seriously, it is not. You can also mix different fabrics to build texture and colour along your walls. This is also a great way to add a burst of colour to neutral, plain spaces.  You can try this out:

Use Dowels to Drape Fabric- Brightly coloured fabrics look great hung over a dowel or rod. Consider creating a focal point in the living room using the furniture that you already have along with the fabric on the wall.

Fabric Wallpaper- For more coverage, you can create an accent wall using a fabric with unique patterns and vibrant colours. Your fabric wallpapers are best fixed using temporary glues as this would make them easier to remove and this puts the space into consideration most especially if the space is not yours.

Wrap it Around Canvas- Instead of buying a large print, consider buying an interesting fabric with a unique print. There are plenty of illustrators who produce quirky and un usual designs. These would add a bold touch to your living room.

Once you’ve chosen a design that you like, you can use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the canvas. From there, hang it on the wall to give the room some serious visual interest.


Painting your walls doesn’t mean that you need to only give it a solid coat and call it a day. Experimenting with patterns can take your living room from blah to wow. A nice chevron pattern will give the wall dimension.

Stripes will create more of streamline look along the wall. You can even take your patterns to the next level by combining two different colours to an accent wall. Be brave with your patterns. Be bold with your colours.

WALL FRAMES is a place where you can get DIY wall frames that can tell the family story effectively. You can create a collage of frames on your walls with interesting photos or screen-prints. If you feel that the colour of the frames is a little boring, painting them in a different colour would be just fine.Just make use of colors that will make them visible and attractive.


When it comes to giving the walls a much-needed upgrade, you might want to add more texture. How can you go about this? You can get the more unusual route and put feathers and hay on walls.

A less permanent method wouldn't be a bad idea most especially if the place is not yours.

There are a number of textured wallpapers ranging from the ultra-trippy to playfully fun. This can give tour living room a purely textural experience that will impress guests and have them wondering how you made it happen.


Decals give you the ability to tell a story on your walls. One that as intricate, complicates or simplistic as you want. From bright metallic line drawing to bright hues that add a touch of sheen to the walls, you have a lot of freedom using decals. They are an extremely affordable option when you want to make a bold statement in your living room.


You can actually bring in new accessories, but sometimes your living room needs something more than a few throw pillows or flower vases . You can push the décor of the room further by taking a few chances. Decor and beautification is all about creativity. Bold colours, textures, and fabrics can give your living room more dimension and depth. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see the wonders a little touch can do to your space. You would be amazed

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