Corporate Gift Ideas you should consider

Corporate Gifts Items you should consider

It’s that time of the year when every organisation starts considering rewarding their customers and clients who have supported their dreams, vision and aspirations through out the year. 

 One beautiful thing about gifting corporate gifts is that it is not just a way of giving back to the community alone but a means of subtle advertisement. This is because in most cases, corporate gifts are branded. This brings out the advertisement side of the giving. Whenever such items are being used, the name of the organisation would definitely come to the mind of the user as well as installing the name of the organisation in the consciousness of everyone close to the beneficiary. This implies that in a way, giving out corporate gifts can be out of generosity, Corporate Social Responsibility or /and Marketing effort. 

 The diciest part of gifting is coming up with the appropriate gift to give. To this end, HOG has come up with a list Corporate gift items you should consider as available on our online store. 

 Here are a few Corporate gifts you should consider on behalf of your organization or even as an individual.

1.    Throw Pillows: 

 Throw pillows can be used as classy and unique corporate gifts which would qualify it to deliver at being used for both Marketing and CSR. There are quite a lot of classy and pocket-friendly throw pillows which can be used at home and even at work as back support.

Throw Pillows

2.    Vital Travel Pillow:  

This piece is an ergonomic U-shaped support pillow that cradles the hand and neck to prevent stiffness and pressure build-up. It contains self-adjusting poly -fibre which fits any seating position. This item is very portable and classy with a surface area that can be branded.

Vital Travel Pillow

3.    Sublime floating Wine Rack:

  This beautiful piece is a compact floating rack capable of holding maximum of 8 bottles. Made from HDF wood to fit home, office or even a bar; this item can be branded to suffice as corporate or even individual gift.

floating wine rack

4.    Decorative Vases: 

 These vases come in plastic, glass and also ceramic. They are pocket-friendly attractive and presentable. They are suitable for use as Corporate Gift items.

5.    Clock:

 Another item available on HOG that you should consider as Corporate gift item is our varieties of wall clocks. Clocks are evergreen gifts which remains relevant for as long as they work.

The above list contains some of the Corporate Gift items available on our store. HOG is known for nothing but the best. Would you like to get one of these for free? Which one would it be? Drop a comment and you might just get lucky.

Alabi Olusayo
A Digital Marketing Executive/ Content Developer with HOG 

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