CREATING A CHARMING HOME OFFICE- Getting something from nothing

It is 2018 and working from home is the new chic.  With the new popularity of freelancing, stay-at- homes moms, daring entrepreneurs and so on. Your excuse for not starting out that brilliant idea shouldn't be that you haven't gotten an office space, you can't afford an office space or all those other limitations. It is the age of improvisation; molding what you have into what you need, until better comes along or in some cases, could turn out to be more effective than the perceived better.

Here are some tips on turning some redundant items in your home into all the furniture and office equipment that you need.

1. Storage Jars

Do you know that your used jam and jelly jars could be reworked into amazing storage jars that can hold stationery, bills etc. You need only to hot glue or bind them together and then you are good to go.

2. Old Shutter Card Holder

You could hang your paneled old shutter and put it into new use as a cards and bill holder. Paper filing being the challenge of most offices. You easily would have that covered.

3. Nylon Shoe Racks

You know those nylon shoe racks with opening for different shoes. That could serve your home office as an invaluable storage device. It could be anything from stationery to bills and what have you.

4. Shoe Boxes

Shoe Boxes in the home seem no more than litter but your shoe boxes can be strategically worked into a correspondence box; a mailbox sort of. Also, you can work into a electric extension wire circuit organizer, you only have to put your extension box in the box with holes on the side for each wire to find their own passage and your wires would never jam up again.

5. Kitchen Spoon Hanger

Those pretty hangers that your spoon hangs on could be so much more. Always losing your ear pieces and other things small in your home office. Yes, the ingenious spoon hangers would hang your ear pieces and every other thing that you want to hang on the side.

It doesn't take so much money to start out, creativity and improvisation is the trick. Think up one more thing that you can rework in your home today and you wouldn't just have a home office, you will have a effectual one.


Adebimpe Adeyemi

  A guest contributor on HOG Furniture, a freelance writer. She loves to read and she loves to write.

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