Design Trends to lookout for in 2021

Design trends to lookout for in 2021

No doubt every year comes with its trends in fashion, media and every other aspect of life which furniture designs and home settings are not an exception. Considering that our homes are evolving as we head into the new year and judging our experiences in the year 2020, here are the trends we are convinced could be the real deal in 2021.

Curved Pieces 

 As we must have noticed, the era of straight sofas is gradually fading out and everyone is now turning towards the Curve and shaped Sofas. This is because while maintaining a refined and standard architectural design for your space relaxation is another thing that fits in to the setting. 

Bring back the days of Old 

 We are most likely going to be seeing a lot of the 80’s designed being revamped and repackaged to fit into our modern design setting. These designs suggest a kind of exuberant and playful atmosphere most especially the vintage, polished metals and oversize pieces.

Bold Emerald

 According to Wayfair Design Expert; A rich hue, emerald recalls the height of spring, deep moss, pine-forest hues and renewal. Experts recommend using this versatile color to bring nature indoors and incorporate striking emerald walls, an emerald velvet couch or luxe emerald finishes.

Nature Inspired 

 More than ever, we’re craving a renewed bond with nature and the outdoors. Experts at Wayfair say organic materials and pure textiles showcase nature’s beauty, structure and irregularities. Earth tones, organic shapes and textures, woven rattan, and reclaimed and recycled materials speak to our need for sustainable design and everyday wellness.

A little Twist

 Unlike the usual having the same colour of sofas in your space, 2021 will give us a sense of creativity in terms of combining colours. If you are looking at having a complete set of sofas in the house, there’s no need to insist on having the same colour of fabric or leather for your single and double seaters. Just pick colours that can blend.

 Modern Boho Chic

 Mix neutral tones with unique patterns and metallic accents. Today’s bohemian look is more of an adjective than a noun, according to the experts, and indicates an aesthetic that takes its influence from those free spirits of generations past. The modern boho chic look is eclectic with an emphasis on ethnic and vintage pieces from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s.

Classic Glam Contemporary 

 Chic silhouettes and glam accents blend with an Art Deco style to create this look, according to the designers at Wayfair. The look is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour and takes inspiration from upscale, classy interior design. The modern glam look is typically achieved through the combination of three colors: a metallic, in gold or silver; a neutral, either black or white; and an accent color, such as pink or gray..

Cozy Comfort

 Designers recommend evoking the past with timeless pieces and heirloom touches. This look utilizes the best parts of a function-forward design and combines them with just enough aesthetic detail to make interiors feel comfortable and welcoming. Vintage furniture, velvet drapes, a comfy throw and pillows all help to amplify the feel-good factor.

Alabi Olusayo
A Content Developer at HOG .

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