Congo hanging chair; a prefect relaxation treat

 As soon as the sun sets,  a garden becomes more appealing than ever and better presents  the chairs and the lounges. Finding a furniture that is beautifuul and long lasting is a priority for garden lovers .

There are many great innovations when it comes to furniture for relaxtion, which to a very large extend should be very comfy and cozy because stealing a nap in the garden  to make up for the week’s hustles is a must for many at weekends

Congo Hanging Chair fits perfectly into almost any surrroundings whether garden,  verandah , or home entrance


The congo hanging chair is made of..

  • Comfortable Rattan ( rattan are woven from the fibrous stems of palm leaves)
  • 15mm Thick PE Wicker (Rattan)
  • Stand Height 210cm
  • Hanging Chair 89 x 70 x 115cm
  • 10cm bottom cushion with back pillow
  • All Waterproof Fabric
  • Large Steel Hanging stand
  • Adjustable Chain.

Congo Hanging Chair is  perfect  for your solitary reading or simply snoozing the afternoon away... Zzzzzzzzz.




Won’t you rather treat yourself to a congo chair and hang  away your stress?

#Leggo! Available Now @ www.hogfurniture.com.ng


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