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Recently HOG Furniture Team was at a Cafe in Victoria Island on an invitation to Garden Hangout event organized by cream-de la-cream of Garden business in Lagos. It was an eye-opener and opportunity to learn more about the garden and its effect on humans and the environment.

It was a show of varieties of plant stimulants, soil type, and expository teaching on soil types, compost, fertilizers, the business of Garden herbs, vegetables, flowers, and seedlings; indeed Garden business is a big business around the world and Nigeria is not any exception. 

 We at HOG Furniture are partnering with some of these Garden entrepreneurs to bring to your doorstep the best in Garden varieties. 

Here are a few things mentioned during the Hangout: 

Soil type 

 Soil has four major types (4) namely Sandy soil, Silt soil, Clay soil, and Loamy soil. Each of these soil types has its own agricultural implications and applications.

The moderator, at the hang-out, emphasized that good soil is vital to the growth of crops as well as flowers to the extent that in order to get the appropriate soil composition for flowers and plants; farmers and gardeners often embark on journeys to places where the right composition is available. It is important to mention that poor soil quality negatively impacts plant and flower growth, yield, grain quality, and also increases the overall cost.

Plant Foods, Compost and Fertilisers


 In common usage, “fertilizer” and “plant food” are used simultaneously, but basically by definition “the term fertilizer refers to a soil amendment that guarantees the minimum percentages of nutrients into the soil for proper growth of the plant,” e.g N-P-K fertilizer (contains the elements Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium), Organic fertilizer  (contains the micronutrients Boron, Copper, Iron, Chlorine, Manganese, Molybdenum, and Zinc).



Compost is easy to make in the backyard garden using a commercial compost bin or a simple pile. Compost contains all of the essential 13 nutrients needed for plant growth, in addition to oxygen and water. Grass clippings, yard trimmings, kitchen waste, shredded newspaper, and dry leaves are layered in the compost bin, watered regularly, and left to decay. Mature compost for use as plant food is created within 30 days to three months. 

Herbs, Vegetables, flowers, and seedlings

Nigeria is endowed with varieties of herbs and vegetables that are healthy to the body e.g wild Lethus, Bitter Leaves, Pumpkin Leaves, Scent Leaves African Basil, EggPlant Leaves, etc It is also nice to know that some plant-like Aloe vera is used in industrial beverage and cosmetic production and can be used in the treatment of burns and pimples. and we are also schooled about flowers around the house or indoor that can serve as a purifier, mosquito repellent this is another take home from the Hang out, indeed horticulture can be an enjoyable and relaxing business or hobby depending on the way you look at it

It is also important to know that most of these seeds are readily available at our local market and you can buy for your backyard garden, using planters that suit your purpose.

Gardening Business

 Is another business idea that you can start on a small scale, whether you are starting up a vegetable garden, herb garden or flower garden if you have the desire; you will discover that being a gardener might just be another business idea that can be rewarding; you can partner with Landscapers, garden shop, you can help to set up a garden for orders especially in the area of vegetable and herb, people who need to beautify their open space with flowers are your potential client and you can grow by using your facility as a teaching facility if well and neatly touch up with flowers and well Landscape; honestly from the moderator’s point of view the profit potential is huge for a garden entrepreneur. 

Garden accessories

As you read more about gardens on our blog you are going to know more about improved varieties, maintenance of domestic plants, various garden accessories, from ornament such as stone, garden status wall decoration, hanging garden decor, Garden birds that will add color to your garden any day any time. 

 We encourage you to kindly drop your comments or garden story with us.

Tunde Adigun  

Business Development Executive and Blog Contributor at Hog Furniture

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