How to boost productivity in your office space
Productivity has been linked to office space. This is because where one works–its design and environment- can affect one’s performance on the job. According to studies, the most significant factor in determining an employee’s ability to focus on is their physical environment. To boost productivity in the office space, here are key factors to consider:


This is a big distraction. The freer the office space is, the better it is for productivity. Clutter congests the office space. It can be controlled with proper arrangement and cleanliness of the office space. Every day, we should devote time to arranging, filing, organising the office space. No clutter and the mind can focus to boost productivity.

Chair and Tables

Normally, we spend more time seated when working. The chairs and tables ought to be very comfortable enough for the right workflow. Asides affecting body posture, the wrong chair and table can cause a lack of concentration with constant adjusting, stretching and moving. Investing in an adjustable table and chair would counter any problem arising from discomfort.


This is mostly ignored but plays a vital role in overall productivity. While dark spaces are known to cause depression, poor lighting account for stress, fatigue, eyestrain, headaches, and irritability. Natural light bulbs and lamps serve as the best solutions. But then, natural light should not be overlooked, windows and doors should also be open to bringing rays of light.

Room colour

Believe it or not, colour plays a huge role in affecting our moods and brain function. It also brings about an emotional and physical response.  The colour blue is known to evoke productivity. At work, ensure the colour of the room is not overwhelming. It should be ideal and have a soothing effect to the eyes to get work done well.

Room Temperature

The right room temperature affects the employee’s work rate. A freezing atmosphere would affect work done negatively, likewise a boiling room. Most offices keep their temperatures around 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not good enough to push the optimal performance of employees. The warmer the office, the better it is for the people working there.

A cluttered office space can all the difference about how you feel and operate at work.

A disorganised work space makes everything in sight competes for your attention and makes it hard to work which influences your perception of professionalism.


Follow the tricks above to declutter space and boost productivity.


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Akpo Patricia Uyeh  

Shes a multimedia freelance journalist/ Blogger, who works with Allure Vanguard presently. She is a well-versed journalist who has attended many conferences, workshops and training. 

She is passionate about youth empowerment, women and children’s rights as well as journalism. She holds a Master’s degree in Regional Planning and Development from the University of Lagos, Akoka.

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