How to Change the Look of Your Living Room with New Window Treatments

How to Change the Look of Your Living Room with New Window Treatments

When you redo a room in your home, you are often left feeling refreshed, excited, and overall happy. There’s something about redoing your space that feels good and allows your home to look more organized and cleaner. However, redoing a room isn’t always cheap. Redoing a space can require you to spend money on new furniture, flooring, decor, and even paint which adds up. In fact, the cost of redoing a space is often the reason that many people choose not to redesign their room. But what if there were ways around transforming your room to make it look different? What if you could change the appearance of your space by simply changing your window treatments?

This post will detail how to change the look of your living room, one of the most lived-in rooms in your home, by simply getting new window treatments.  

Window Treatments Can Go a Long Way

Window treatments can vastly impact the way a room looks. The kind of window treatment you have determines how much light gets in a room, as well as the mood and feeling of a space. With that being said, window treatments can totally change the way your room looks, making them a great option for people that want to alter the look of a room while also not breaking the bank. .

Since the living room is one of the rooms that gets the most traffic, it’s important to know how you can enhance the aesthetic of it by simply changing the window treatments. Below are 3 window treatments to consider that can make you feel like you redid an entire room when in reality you only manipulated the windows. 

Consider Between the Glass Blinds

Between the glass blinds are one of the hottest trends in window treatments right now, and will totally transform your living room. Between the glass blinds are exactly what they sound like, they are blinds that go between the two pieces of glass. This popular blind trend is durable, authentic, and long-lasting.

Between the glass blinds come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to choose the kind that will give your living room your desired aesthetic. Looking to follow a farmhouse chic look? No problem! Hoping to stick to basic, white blinds to keep your living room looking classic? Between the glass blinds may be right for you.

Furthermore, between the glass blinds are great for transforming living rooms that often have pets or children in them as they are less likely to get damaged because they are behind glass.

Choose Drapery

Drapery is an outstanding way to change the way your living room looks. Drapery is often a popular window treatment for living rooms in apartments or townhomes as these homes typically do not have a lot of windows. People typically choose drapes for these kinds of homes since they [the drapes] can be left open all day, and then closed at night, exposing the room to as much sunlight as possible during the day and as little sunlight as possible at night. 

   You can have a lot of fun choosing drapes. There are countless styles and designs to choose from that will fit great into your current living room aesthetic, while also adding something a little extra to it.

Try What’s New in Shade Design

Shades are a classic window treatment that can help you redesign the look of your living room. Some popular shades to consider include:

●     Wood shades 

 ●     Faux wood shades

 ●     Cellular shades 

 ●     Roman shades

 ●     Pleated shades

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