How to choose a woodworking project

How to choose a woodworking project
When it comes to wood, besides it surrounds us in the most beautiful way, it is one of the best options for furniture and objects for daily use. Wood lovers have special feelings and treatments towards wood when they process it and we can say there is a special chemistry when you shape an unprocessed piece.

If you are about to start and develop your love or you are an experienced woodworker, but currently with lack of ideas, here are some examples of how to choose the best woodworking project for yourself. It can be helpful and definitely motivating since after you are done, you will have a new piece of furniture or craft and be ready to tell your friends and family every time who made it.

Check projects for beginners


From wall shelves to tablet holders, up to wooden welcome mats and drink holders, all of these are categorized as beginner’s woodworking projects and all you need to do is pick. Thinking about processing wood requires also adequate equipment. Based on what you possess, think about the best possible option and create a new mat or a bookshelf for your apartment or house. For inspiration.


Choose a project based on the time of the year

Winter is approaching and together with the snowy days Christmas bells are ringing. This is an ideal opportunity for your projects to be organized around this holiday. Think about some wooden decorations, reindeers made of wood or unique presents for your family members. When spring comes, pull out your workshop in the yard and get inspired with the green grass and outside decorations.

Ask your friends and family – hidden treasure of ideas

Thinking about new ideas brings you into a circle of thought and at that moment all that you need is just a fresh idea and suggestion. Friends and family, colleagues or people around us are constantly using wooden objects on a daily basis and they will be a good source for possible projects that you can even make for them (if you are not already producing and delivering your products). Ask them, talk to them and see what their needs are.

Check some of the woodworking DIY websites

In the past couple of years with the spreading of social media and videos, woodworking creators gathered solid community and started sharing very useful content. Thousands of DIY videos and detailed explanations how to make a bookshelf or a garden table are very helpful and can be a good source of various ideas for woodworking projects.

Visit local stores, museums and old woodworkers

The smell of processed wood and a dirty hands while the product is created is something that explains life satisfactions in a second. Visiting an old woodworker, who can share with you years of experience or checking out the local store and museum can give you a blast of inspiration for your new piece.


After many how to, there must be at least one this how. So, what is your next woodworking project?

Robert Johnson
Robert is a woodworking enthusiast who believes it a craft much for women as it is for men. He is passionate about sharing knowledge about woodworking tools, particularly the different kinds of saws. His most recent interests involves woodworking as a therapy, while even outreaching people who suffer from PTSD and face it using woodworking as an art therapy. He can be reached through his blog

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