How to choose the perfect coffee table lamp.

How to choose the perfect coffee table lamp.

Every living space deserves the perfect coffee table coupled with the right table lamp.

If you purchase quality coffee tables from trusted a website like HOG Furniture, then you need have the perfect lamp to match with it though this depends on the position of the coffee table in your living space.

A subliminal detail such as lamps on coffee tables adds extra touch in your overall interior design for your living space.

How then do you choose the perfect coffee table lamp?

Here are things you can consider:

-          Determine the size of your coffee table: This is absolutely essential because you don’t want a table lamp that is too big for your coffee table. The size of your coffee table will determine the size of your table lamp.

-          Your table lamp has to be cohesive: Whatever table lamp you are considering has to be cohesive with the overall look of your space. You don’t want to get a table lamp with a rustic design for a space that doesn’t require a rustic look. It is also important that the colour of your table lamp is the right one. The colour you choose to be complementary to the colour of your room or space.

-          The Height of the Lamp: Did you know that it is important the lamp choose a table lamp that the bottom of the shade is at your eye level when you are seated or resting. The height of your table lamp should be determined by the décor around the lamp. A rule also holds that when buying a table lamp, the combined height of both the lamp and table should not be more than 58 to 64 inches high.

-          Lampshade: It is not enough to consider the size or placements of the lamp, you also need to consider the lamp shade. As a rule, the diameter of the lampshade should be at least 2 inches less than the length of its body.

- The shade light is important:

The shade light of the lamp is very important. It has to function for what you want it to function for. For instance, if you need the lamp for reading, you need to get the kind of lamp with which its bulb is suitable for reading.

What are some of the things you consider when choosing the perfect table lamp for your coffee table? 

Comments below and let’s discuss. 

We would love to hear from you!

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