How to Create the Dreamiest Vintage Bedroom

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Vintage is one trend that is here to stay, especially in our bedrooms. So if you are looking to transform your sleep sanctuary into a dreamy vintage oasis, then you are at the right place. The vintage style creates that cozy feel that is suitable for the bedroom more than any other style, and it is particularly popular among girls. If you are ready to start playing with your bedroom design, let's see how to achieve such dreamy aesthetics. 

The Bed as the Centerpiece

As a focal point of every bedroom, the bed takes a significant amount of space and represents an essential element in your vintage setting. Luckily, today you can find so many beds and bed frames that are perfect for this kind of aesthetics. What does a typical vintage bed look like? These beds usually have a retro shape and Victorian-style metal frames. Visible metal construction with bars and other decorative elements can be found in white, black, and even some gold and copper shades, which are so trendy.

Play With Textiles and Textures

Your bed requires bedding that matches the vibe of a shabby chic bedroom, so your sheets and other textiles should be in pastel shades with floral motives. Layering multiple pillows with similar patterns will also contribute; if you can find some with lace detailing, that would be ideal. Textures are another essential element, throw blankets, curtains, and rugs will all make your room look extra cozy and homey.

Display Jewelry as a Decoration

Ask your grandma if she has some old retro necklaces, hairbrushes, mirrors, etc. You can display them on your vanity table, or even hang them on a wall, depending on your preferences. You can also visit some local antique shops to find affordable jewelry boxes and other items that will match the rest of your bedroom style.

Metal Wall Art

Decorative metal items are extremely popular and work well with shabby chic and vintage interiors. You can hang a vintage metal sign that carries a meaningful quote or a motivational message. There are also some cute picture and mirror frames made of metal that go well with the whole vintage aesthetics.

Old Suitcases as Storage

Those old suitcases can be reused in so many beautiful ways, so it is a shame to throw them away if your family no longer uses them. Some smaller suitcases can be turned into cabinets. Medium-sized ones can be piled one upon another and serve as bedside tables, or just use them as decoration and storage for your throw pillows and blankets.

DIY Ideas

Since everything vintage was once in regular use, and our parents and grandparents were using it, the chances are high that you can find something that suits the vintage style in your attic or garage. If not, there are always numerous antique shops, flea markets, and online web pages that sell similar items. A lot of these decorative items will help your room feel cozier because vintage is all about the details, patterns, and materials. 

● Do you remember phones with rotary dialers? No? Shame, because those were such fun times. However, you can still find one of those and turn it into a great nightstand decoration, especially if you manage to hunt down one of those old metal models.

● We believe that fairy lights are not really a vintage thing, but somehow, they complement these interiors so well that we needed to include them in this list. If you have one of those beds with metal railings, simply wrap some fairy lights around them to create a special atmosphere.

● If you have some time, you can re-do your wooden furniture. If the primary color of your furniture is dark brown, paint it in white, and then use sandpaper to remove the white paint from certain areas. Make it look effortless like it is worn out and old. Dedicate special attention to the edges and remove a bit more paint from them. You can do the same with chairs, bedside tables, etc.

● If not your grandma, someone in your family certainly has those cute teacups with golden and floral details. You can also display one or two of them on your vanity and use them as some type of jewelry holder. But you can also plan a succulent in them. This will add an unexpected element and a twist to the whole vintage setup. Place one cup into another, so it leans a bit, and then add a succulent in a small pot, or remove the original pot and transport the succulent with the ground to the cup.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, vintage is one style that can be pretty inexpensive, in case you already have some of these things at home. But even if you do not have them, visit some local garage sales and thrift shops, and you will be surprised by how much treasure you can find. With the help of these recommendations, we are sure your bedroom will get those dreamy vintage vibes in no time.

Karen Brewer

Since traveling to different places fascinates her, Karen used her escapades to see the world's best home interior designs and styles. She graduated with a degree in Interior Designing and is practicing for several years now. When she's energized, you will often see her name on different blogs as she writes some of the best designs along with their photographs.

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