How to Design your Dream Bathroom

Bathrooms are among the places we look forward to in a home. Especially when your bathroom is decorated right, it is relaxing, and most especially, peaceful! Imagine coming home after a long day to have a cool soothing bath!

If you always feel like you don’t enjoy your bathroom moments, perhaps it’s time to decorate the bathroom of your dreams?

Here are useful tips to help you do just that:

1.   Map out the space with an expert: Work alongside an expert to help you understand the requirements of your bathroom space. Think about where to store objects, the space required for your bath, shower placements, sink, etc. The layout has to be beautiful and functional.

2.   Do you need a shower, a bath; or both? In order to be able to decide this, you need to know which of these options you really need and which one you would be using more often than the other. How often would you use a bath or a shower? Do you need both and can your bathroom space accommodate both? If you want to go for a shower then you should ensure you customize it to your taste and to suit your needs.

3.   Don’t just think aesthetics, think functionality. You need to ensure that the items in your bathroom aren’t just there for the sake of it, they should be functional. From the drawers to the sink, to the shower, etc.Ensure they all perform those specific and essential functions

4.   Purchase items that give relaxing vibes. Invest in pieces that would make you relax more anytime you are in the bathroom. Most importantly, express your style when purchasing your bathroom décor items.

5.   Lighting is important: You can achieve the right amount of lighting in your bathroom through the colour of the paint you use, your curtains, and your mirror. To add the needed lighting effect, has a number of wall and ceiling lamps that would serve the purpose of lighting as well as decor.

6.   Flooring: Choose your flooring with care and select flooring that are slip-resistant, easy to care for, and perfect for bathrooms.

7.   Pamper yourself: Make your bathroom feel like a spa by adding items that would make you want to relax your muscles. You can add scented candles, flowers, beautiful bathroom décor pieces and so on.

What other things did we miss out of the above list? You can drop your comments below, we would love to hear from you.


Amoo Ayishat

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