How to Protect your Outdoor & Garden Furniture

Tips on How to Protect your Outdoor & Garden Furniture

Protecting outdoor and garden furniture from the weather and the elements is a top priority, in order for them to reach their long lasting potential.

The biggest threat to outdoor furniture is weather; rust, dampness leading to pest infestation, chipping away of wood and the list could be endless.

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Presented here are some tips on the protection of outdoor and garden furniture to help remove you from these risks.

1. Evaluation of Weather Conditions

It is important to evaluate the weather conditions and climate of your location, in order to be earlier forewarned about the style and choice of furniture to buy and the care of same.

Living in an environment prone to a lot of rainfall might require looking into metal furniture. These knowledge helps drive wise decisions about your outdoor furniture, so your purpose is not defeated in the long run.

2. Paint or Vanish

Paints and Vanish provide a protective coat over your furniture, keeping them at a safer place from destruction by weather forces. There are known waterproof paints and varnish which you might find in your best interest to use.

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3. Cover

Covering your outdoor furniture could go in several forms. It could involve building a patio cover for your garden and outdoor lounge or could involve using tarps as covering for the furniture when they are not in use.

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Whatever the kind of cover or even both that you choose to favour, it should be done with a diligence and drive, knowing that covering your furniture from the elements are buying them more time daily.

4. Positioning and Placing

The positioning of your outdoor furniture is important for their durability. When furniture is positioned in such a way that they are kept under the direct glare of sunlight or rain, it does more harm than good in most cases.

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Thus, determining the positions where your furniture would sit under your patio cover is an art in itself. It is best to position furniture under some form of shade, either shade from a tree or artificially generated shades.

Outdoor garden furniture can have quite the same lifespan as their indoor counterparts and serve for many long months, the secret is Care.

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