How to select kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank

How to select kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank

The kitchen, which is a woman’s ‘territory' needs to be furnished to her taste. Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is one where delicious meals are dished out. With its constant renovation, the kitchen needs to be updated with electrical appliances, counter-tops, back-splashes, and cabinetry.

Speaking of cabinets, every kitchen needs this furniture for food storage, cooking equipment, and table service. Whether it is DIY painting or high-end finishes or brand new cabinets, it is possible to make a good choice without breaking the bank. 


All you need to do is pay attention to the following:


Switch wall cabinets with open shelves

Shelves are inexpensive even though they require more space and maintenance. The standard wall cabinets, on the other hand, are more expensive. Going for shelves is a better option that would save you more money, effort, and resources.

 Choose laminate or thermofoil

Thermofoil is a type of plastic furnish; very easy to maintain, known for its durability and cost. It is usually cheap compared to wood. It is applied to a medium-density fibre wood or any other wood core.

Laminate is also less costly than wood. It can withstand moisture, can withstand pressure though it is not as durable as wood. You shouldn’t necessarily go with all-plywood make-up. The best option would be thermofoil and laminate because they are budget-friendly.

 Select affordable wood types

The right wood species can save you the hassles of spending over your budget. Ask your cabinet manufacturer for the price of the wood species then go for the one that best suits you and is also affordable.

Less is more

Decorative legs, corbels, matching end panels, embellishments, glass door fronts, crown molding are great and appealing to the eye but all come with a high price tag. The fewer the details you choose, the less money you are likely to spend.

Try door pulls

Since you are trying to beat costs, soft-close drawers and full-extension slides would be a no-no. Instead of these, try door pulls, particularly if you are trying to avoid wear and tear. They are cost-friendly options that can sustain your door and drawer fronts.

Substitute more doors for fewer drawers

Drawer bases are more expensive than standard base cabinets. For balance, include fewer drawers and more doors in your design for your cabinets and save yourself the hassles of blowing your budget.



Akpo Patricia Uyeh
Shes a multimedia freelance journalist/ Blogger, who works with Allure Vanguard presently. She is a well-versed journalist who has attended many conferences, workshops and training.

She is passionate about youth empowerment, women and children’s rights as well as journalism. She holds a Master’s degree in Regional Planning and Development from the University of Lagos, Akoka.

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