How to Separate Work & Personal Time When You Work at Home

Here's how to Separate Work and Personal Time When You Work at Home.

How many times have you said, “finally… I'm leaving this table, I'm done with today's work”, but then, you a few hours later, you find yourself at your favourite workstation typing on and working?

When was the last time you followed your schedule and left work when you ought to leave it to focus on other things?

If you're self-employed or a freelancer, you might find yourself facing this dilemma one way or the other because, there's no one standing beside you to tell you, “It's closing time, go home.”

I know your workstation can feel so comfortable and you can literally spend the whole day there if you can, especially if you purchase good furniture pieces for your home office from HOG *wink*

However, there is the need for work life balance.

When was the last time you thought of something other than work?

In this article, I have complied effective ways you can separate Work and Personal Time When You Work at Home.

  1. Prepare like you're going to work: this is one of the important things you need to note. When you wake up, take your bath and you prepare like you're going to work, you become more refreshed and immediately start your day with a mindset that at one point in the time or another, you need to stop working just like typical day at work. In addition, you get to treat your home like a proper work environment. However, avoid wearing heels or doing heavy makeup, lol, just make sure you're dressed and not in that favourite pyjamas of yours.
  2. Write a to-do list: you need to sit down and write out your most important tasks for the day to help keep you focused. Avoid writing unrealistic things that you can't achieve that day. Instead, break down a big task into small chunks of work.
  3. Create a designated work space: You need to find a space in your home that you can set up your work space. In addition, you need to purchase quality furniture pieces that  will make your work easier. You can purchase furniture pieces from HOG furniture. You need to act like you actually leave the house. Working on your bed might not cut it.
  4. Create a schedule: Write out your start time and close time for work and paste it somewhere visible. In addition, you can use apps on your phone to do that. Also, you need to include break time, tasks and deadlines, meeting time, etc. Be organised with your time.
  5. Always find time to rest and unwind.
  6. Remember there will always be work, so what's important is priorities. As soon as the designated time for your work is over, leave your workspace and go focus on something else.

 I guess you have learned something new!

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