How to Turn Your Home into a Tropical Paradise

Want to escape the rigors of everyday life in your very own tropical paradise. You don't need to wait till your next holiday to enjoy a retreat from city life, transform your home into an island escape to unwind anytime. There are no shortage of vision boards and tropical-themed homeware but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Keep reading for simple ways to transform your house into a paradise of a home.

Go Green

You don't need to lug buckets of sand back from your last holiday to make your home feel like an island getaway. Try using indoor plants to create that tropical aesthetic. Bringing the outside in is a great way to decorate your rooms, and as an added bonus they even purify the air you breathe. Start with a few plants and learn to care for them, the perfect place to ask for advice is your local garden center. As you learn and gain more plants and knowledge, watch your house turn into a beautiful green oasis.

If you're pressed for space to keep your indoor plants, you could always go vertical. Hanging plant pots can create a unique look for your home. Similarly, a living wall is another great way to bring the best of nature indoors.


Turning your home into a tropical paradise doesn't need to require a full remodel or expensive renovations. It can be as simple as adding a few well-placed accessories. Think nature-inspired accents, bamboo, wood, leaf, and jungle designs. Adding accessories to existing furniture is relatively inexpensive and can have huge benefits. Pillows and throw rugs, for example, can be a great way to brighten up an otherwise dull couch or chair and bring on that tropical aesthetic. But it doesn't have to end there. Get creative! From pillow slips to tablecloths, shower curtains to wallpaper, the options are endless. Start the transformation one accessory at a time now, and your dream home will be closer than ever.

Don't Forget the Exterior

Transform your home into a tropical oasis from the outside in. Make sure your garden is looking as beautiful as the inside of your home. Start planting some tropical plants to continue the paradise aesthetic. It can be a good idea to plant palms as soon as possible as they take some time to grow.

If you're worried about the layout of your backyard, consider hiring a landscape architect to help you maximize the space that you have. Landscape architects also often offer free quotes, which can be a great way to get the ideas flowing. Whether it's an outdoor kitchen, with a built in fridge and sink, amongst the tropical palms or a lush outdoor living space, there are plenty of great ideas to suit any backyard.

If you have a family, help create that natural aesthetic that you've always wanted and keep the family happy at the same time. Incorporating natural elements into your playthings can be a great way to transform your home. A tree for a swing, for example, can be a great natural look. Plus, as a bonus, it's much easier to take down when it's no longer needed.


Making sure your making the most of both your fixed and natural light sources is another excellent way to bolster your tropical aesthetic. Make sure you are using light fixtures that emit soft light and be sure to clean and replace bulbs regularly. Similarly, be sure that you're making the most of all your homes natural light. Cleaning your windows regularly is a simple yet effective way of maximizing natural light.

Get started now, and the tropical oasis you've always dreamed of will be right inside your front door.

Maia Fletcher 
Maia Fletcher is a creative writer based in sunny Gisborne, New Zealand. She enjoys good food and dreams of visiting every tropical paradise from her bucket list! Read more of Maia's most recent works on her blog.

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