Small Space for a Garden? DIY Garden in a Mint Tin


Have you always wanted a dream garden but feel like you never have enough space? You’d be surprised how easy it is to create a small garden inside your apartment or home. In fact, if you have a spare mint tin lying around you could add soil, a drainage component, and turn it into a planter.

Believe it or not, DIY mint tin gardens are ideal when living in small spaces. You can put them on windowsills, create them and give them away as gifts, or store them in other minuscule spaces within your smaller home.

The best part is it’s relatively easy to create a mint tin garden. We’ll tell you how below. Before long, you’ll begin growing beautiful sprouts, succulents, herbs, and more within the comfort of your home.


The Supplies You’ll Need for a Mint Tin Garden

Just like starting any DIY project, you’ll need certain supplies to complete the steps necessary to create your tiny garden. The most important supplies needed for this exciting gardening adventure include the following:


·         Mint tins – you can use tins of any kind or variety. If you have a particular type that you like the best, feel free to use it.

·         Cactus mix or potting soil – this is necessary in order to begin growing lemon mint, herbs, succulents and more. Without potting soil, the mint, plants, or seeds will not be able to grow or sprout.

·         Clippers or scissors – you’ll need these to cut the mint tin.

·         Seeds – you’ll need seeds for your garden. You can use them to grow shallow rooting plants, succulents, or sprouts.

·         Hammer and nail – this is going to be used to create the drainage component in your mint tin.

As you can see, the supplies for a mint tin garden are minimal at best. You can literally start this garden with very little money and supplies so it’s quite affordable.

Creating Your Mint Tin Garden: Step by Step

Step #1: 

Remove the lid from the hinge from the mint tin. You will need to use the lid again in the future. So pop it off of the tin with the clippers or scissors, but do your best to prevent it from bending. This way it will still be in very good shape when you need to use it again.

Step #2: 

Put in the drainage holes. In this step, you should take the bottom half of the tin – not the lid – and proceed to put holes in it for drainage purposes. It’s best to put four drain holes and create them in a rectangular shape. Take a hammer and nail and poke holes into the tin. Or if you prefer, you can get a slender drill bit and drill the holes into the tin as an alternative option.

Step #3: 

Place the tin on top of the lid. The lid is going to act as the saucer for your planter. Plus it’s also going to provide it a much more finished look. That’s why you have to do your best to keep the lid straight and in good shape in the first step.

Step #4: 

Put soil inside of your mint tin planter. Add the soil to prepare for the planting stage. Some people choose to use cactus mix because it matches with the succulents that they usually plant within a mint tin.

Step #5:

Add seeds or plants to the soil. If you’re adding plants, you should put small ones that have shallow roots. Another option is to add sprouts like alfalfa sprouts, wheatgrass, or radishes. Still a third option is growing lemon mint or other herbs.

Final Thoughts


After you’ve followed the step-by-step process, you can begin watering your seeds or plants. It’s best to only water them once and then let the soil dry out before watering them again. You can wait two weeks between watering depending on the time of the year and the variety of plants you attempt to grow.


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