We have come to observe that most people often make one or many of these mistakes when making decorating decisions to jazz up their space. so in this article, we have tried to present to you, most common decorating mistakes and how you could avoid them.
  1. Don't Let Someone Make Choices for You

Your home is your personal space, the last thing you need is someone else making the choice of what or how your space should look or feel. Perhaps, you may run out of inspiration, it's ok to ask for suggestions.


  1. Don't Paint First

You can buy paint in every color under the sun. In fact, you can have paint mixed in any imaginable color you might want. But first consider the colour, ambiance, furniture and other interior items before choosing the colour.


  1. Don't Choose Paint From a Paint Chip

A small chip of a paint sample might look great in the fluorescent light in the paint store. But a whole wall of it might be overpowering. When you've decided on a colour, purchase a quart of the color and paint a small section to see how the color looks in the room with natural light. If you don't want to mess up the walls, paint a piece of cardboard and tape it on the walls in the room where you plan to use the colour.


  1. Don't Make Your Favourite Color the Main Color

If you love red, you don't have to choose it for your walls. Instead, choose a more subtle shade to provide a background that will let items in your favorite colour really "pop."


  1. Don't Let Your Furniture Hug the Walls

Don't arrange the chairs, sofa, and tables all around, close to the wall in the room unless you have no choice (due to spacing). Make groupings of furniture for conversations and pull pieces into the center of the room for a warmer feeling of comfort. 


  1. Don't Always Settle for Cheap.

Don't choose a piece of furniture because of its pretty cover, fun colour or its relatively cheap cost. But First, be sure it's well made, has interesting details or classic lines. If it does, you can always re-cover the upholstery in a fabric you choose or re-finish the frame.


  1. Get Your Decorating Stuffs Ready Before Going Ahead with The Décor Process.

Decorating your house without the complete decorating items might give your surface a very dissolving look. After getting your items ready, you can think of the styles and corners each will fit.


  1. Don’t Decorate Your Home Alone

When decorating, try and carry your son, daughter or husband along to get their opinion on each step of the décor process.





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