Some Lesser-known types of geodes and their usefulness

Some Lesser-known types of geodes and their usefulness

 Geodes  became very popular because of their healing properties and their metaphysical powers that are extraordinary in many ways. Earlier, these geodes were auctioned and given to the highest bidder. It was only after the completion of the auction that the bidder took these dynamic crystals. The incredible healing properties of geodes include the healing of women's reproductive system and other fertility problems. It can prove to be very healthy for the baby. The spiritual healing of geodes is also quite popular in many parts of the world. 

Many people believe that it has the power to improve the seven-chakra energies. People also used geodes for fortunetelling and to enhance their communication. It is not only a stone with aesthetic value, but you may also use it for meditation purposes. No wonder people say that geodes are powerhouses for lots of positive energy. Some people also use geodes to manage their temper and also strengthen their decision-making skills. The stress-relieving properties of geodes are also quite a striking feature. 

Classification of geodes based on its formation

Volcanic geodes

The geodes that emerge out of volcanic eruptions are known as volcanic geodes. It is one of the most commonly known geodes that not only erupt from volcanoes, but it has got a very significant percentage of diffuse gases. As the lava reaches the surface, the gas expands, and some of it gets trapped in the lava. Due to the solidification of hydrothermal water or groundwater, it leads to the formation of lots of mineral deposits, thereby leading to geodes' development. 

Sedimentary geodes

The geodes that occur in calcareous shale, limestone, and dolomites are known as sedimentary geodes. You must understand that volcanic geodes are much bigger than sedimentary geodes. There is a formation of geodes because of the weathering away of the host rock. The host rock gets formed out of dolomite or limestone, which quickly weathers away, leaving the exterior layer exposed.

Amethyst geodes

The geodes made out of a popular gemstone called amethyst are known as amethyst geodes. The Romans and the Greeks consider this gemstone to be an antidote for people who drink a lot. As such, people used to make goblets with amethyst implanted. Moreover, people also believe that amethyst can calm your senses and make you more rational. No wonder people consider this to be a”stone of the mind.”It is a kind of geode that can help you maintain your mental strength and strengthen your willpower. It can encourage you to pursue your dreams and passions in a very positive fashion. It can even help you to refrain from carrying out your undesirable habits.

Apart from this, there are many other geode designs by Michal Mael, such as the calcite geodes, which also have a lot of healing frequency. Moreover, the striking heat resistant power makes it very useful for the electronic industry. Citrine geodes are quite popular because of their radiating properties like the sun. As it is golden in color, it makes a perfect aesthetic home décor. 

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