Spots and Spaces-The Clutter Therapy

Spots and Spaces-The Clutter Therapy

Aren't we mistaken when we think of clutter as rubbish, unwanted stuff not used but not discarded either? Perhaps it's high time we knew clutter isn't exactly rubbish, but a jumble of even the finest, unorganized things. Shocking? Well, yes. Everyone clutters or has contributed to cluttering. And just as every mess should be cleaned up, decluttering is a necessity of utmost importance. Drawing the lines now, decluttering the home environment is a way of getting off on a new slate and is good for overall healthiness and safety.

In like vein, decluttering neither involves breaking the bank on extensions or new furniture, so rest assured, it's all to make your home healthy. Although it does at some point require some levels of frugality and minimalism in keeping only the necessary, purchasing according to needs and not wants, and going light. The basic instigator of clutter is sometimes furniture. Yes, cumbersome furniture is a source of clutter that cramp space and hoard dirt, rodents even. Disgusting, right?

Well, to every problem is a solution. Below are tips to decluttering and keeping a healthy environment;

1. Use multipurpose furniture: 

Why buy furniture for different purposes when one multifunctional furniture can serve such purposes and for less the price of two? Multipurpose furniture is a good way to save on space, are organization effective and cost efficient. Ample examples of multipurpose furniture include platform beds, multifunctional coffee tables featuring drawer spaces and book shelves.

2. Harnessing vertical spaces:

Dare I say we're quite obsessed or preoccupied rather with the horizontal to explore the vertical. A good number of furniture get arranged on the floors and backed up against walls until the ground is a jumbled-up critter with little or no space and the walls seem loud and closing in. Using vertical spaces is a great means of keeping the ground freer, with the furniture hanging off the walls, thereby creating the imagination of a bigger, uncrowded environment. Some ways of harnessing vertical spaces include the use of floating cabinets and desks and attached racks in the nooks of houses and doors.

3. Foldable furniture:

 One might probably wonder how thorough decluttering can be truly done with couches and sofas lying around. Well, here's what; replace cumbersome couches and sofas with light, easy to move, foldable furniture. That's right, foldable chairs can indeed offer as much comfort as your regular couch whilst saving you the whole rigmarole that comes with keeping a cluttered home.

These are a few of the many possibilities worthy of exploring in order to get rid of clutters and get a well arranged space.



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