Take your bathroom to the next level - inspirational

Did you ever watch that show on MTV where they took old cars and just changed it entirely? Did you like me continuously say wow at everything you saw? That's the kind of next level I want to talk about. The kind of bathroom that will make people go Wow.

You can take your bathroom from meh to wow by incorporating certain items and features.


Mirror mirror on the wall, whose bathroom is the dopest of them all? Yours. With mirrors you can take your bathroom to the next level. Take a look at this picture right here.

The mirrors are positioned opposite each other creating a false sense of more space. The room just opens up. With such a design, it's like stepping on a runway.

Get rid of that square mentality

Your bathroom does not have to be in a square space. Your bathroom can also be called the oval room (not just the famous one) if you like. Circular layout. Rectangular layout. Let your layout be shocking.


Tiles are important in a bathroom. They are one of the two foundations upon which all other elements rely upon. Part of the backdrop if you will. Next level bathroom requires next level tiles such as this one.


Change your bathroom with the right kind of lights. Let the lights be glamorous, fun to look at and just as well works to make your bathroom glow.

Section the bathroom

Sectioning the bathroom can take your bathroom to the next level. There should be a space for the bathtub, the shower, the vanities and the toilet itself. Separate each space with glass and see the wonderful transformation.

Add Nature

Nothing says beautiful and soothing more than plants and flowers. They especially pair well with a white background which will make your bathroom look alive.

Room with a view

And lastly, taking your bathroom to the next level requires some outside effect. Position your bathroom in a section of your house with a killer view. If you have no killer view, then a large painting or 3D wallpaper of a waterfall can have almost the same effect.

It's high time you made your bathroom more than that traditional wash and get clean room, make it a place where you get the necessary inspiration, motivations and even ideas for your daily tasks whether at work, family and even in your relationships. 

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Erhu Name

A guest contributor on HOG Furniture, a freelance writer. She loves to read and she loves to write.

Her shorts stories have appeared in Brittlepaper, Kalahari review, and in two anthologies.

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