Things to consider when shopping for patio furniture

Things to consider when shopping for patio furniture

When you go shopping for patio furniture, you can have plenty of thoughts running across your mind. You may worry about the material, shape, and size of the table. You may also wonder how to keep your favorite pieces safe in any season. No matter what bothers you, there is an answer to everything. As far as the table's choice goes, you will have to understand that tables can be wood, metal, wicker, or plastic materials. Each has its level of weather tolerance and durability. You can choose anything based on your requirement. But when you talk about their safety and protection, it is ideal to rely on custom-made covers.

Table cover with various features like UV-safe, waterproof, tie-down option, and ventilation can ensure that your selected item is safe in any weather. If you live in a place with extreme temperature fluctuations, you would want to buy a heavy fabric for its strength to resist all types of conditions well. Otherwise, lightweight fabric can also do its job perfectly fine. Choosing customized table covers can be wise because it allows you to opt for any shape, such as round, oval, rectangular, square, etc. While it takes care of the storage part, let’s focus on how to buy the right table for your beautiful patio.

Buying tables for patio


Wood tables can evoke a mix of classy, traditional, and casual look at the same time. But it has to have proper sealing to avoid rotting due to wet conditions. Patio tables in the metal can have formal appeal. These can be quite durable too. If you live in a windy place, you can opt for them because of their heavy structure. But you have to be careful with iron for its rusting nature. Then, plastic patio tables can be a good pick for low budget and hassle-free maintenance. In wet weather, these can get affected by mildew. Other than these, you have wicker or rattan tables. These can vibe with cottage and simple themes. Like plastic, they also, however, need protection from mildew.

Whatever material you select for your patio furniture, you can stay tension-free if you know you will get them custom covers. A well-made customized protective layer can meet your storage needs effortlessly.



Size and shape

 The table size and shape are critical factors too. The table should leave enough space for people and other furniture pieces. For example, if your patio length is 12 feet and width 8 feet, the table can be 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. Then, the matter of shape needs attention. Round and square tables look casual and occupy fewer inches than rectangular tables. If they are for purposes like coffee and bar, then they can be even smaller. Oval and rectangular tables, on the other hand, are suitable for expansive patios.



Make sure to keep table dimensions in mind because you will have to provide the accurate measurement details for their covers. If the measurements are proper, the store can deliver you the right fitting. You will also not have to go back to the same task again and again.

So, are you planning to replace your patio furniture? Don't forget to prepare for their safety too.




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