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Tips on How to Hang Picture Frames on the Wall the Right Way

Tips on How to Hang Picture Frames on the Wall the Right Way


Have you ever moved into a new place and decided to design the walls in an appealing way with picture frames?

Or you wake up one day and then decide to redecorate your walls to make it more inviting?’

It is not enough to wish to make your walls look nice, you need to be equipped with the right tips and insights in order to make this happen.

Framed pictures make your house feel like a home, add beauty to it, make your home feel less empty, and make it feel more welcoming.

At HOG, our aim is to help your home, office, and garden look good, so trust us to equip you with the best tips to get this done.

You don’t just hang pictures on the wall, they need to be customized to your taste and preferences. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding on how to hang your frames on the wall.

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Here are effective tips on how to hang picture frames on the wall the right way:

1.      Find the right space:

Where do you want the picture to go? Is it the empty wall close to your TV, your newly cleared out wall space, wall close to your dining? etc.

2.      Consider the state of the wall: 

You need to be sure the wall is strong enough to withstand the weight of the picture frame. If the wall isn’t strong enough, the frame may fall down and damage the wall.

3. Consider the weight of the picture: 

You can also take measurements of the frame and divide it into two in order to know the middle of the picture. This will give you an idea of how to hang the picture

4.      How much can you do with the wall? 

Sometimes because you are renting a space, you may not be able to dig hole on the walls of the apartment. In such cases, you can go with strong adhesive hooks to help you hang your pictures without drilling a hole. It also makes it easy to remove when you need to.

 However, before you go for this option, make sure the frame you are hanging is not heavy because if it is, then the adhesive hook may not be able to carry it.

5.      Take measurements:

You need to measure the surface area of the wall as well as the height and width of the picture frame. This would help you position the frame right.

6.      Choose the right materials: 

The materials you use can either make or bar your design process. You need to choose the right kind of materials to work with based on your analysis of the above points. You can work with nails, adhesive hooks, anchors, etc.

7.      Picture height:

According to Shutterfly, “The golden rule of hanging a picture is to have the centre of the photo be at 57 inches.” This is the standard eye-height of an average person.

8.      Make sure it is straight: At the end of the day, make sure the way you hang the picture is straight, or else, it wouldn't be appealing.

Ayishat Amoo

 She is also a voracious reader, content developer, a design enthusiast, a Professional Writer, a Brand Strategist, & a Certified Digital Marketer.

She is the Founder of Corporately Lucid, a full-service Digital Media firm in Nigeria, and also African Freelancers; an online community of freelancers in Africa.

She is passionate about helping individual and corporate brands communicate their values and writing effective content that sells.

She blogs at and you can find out more about her brand at

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