Top 5 Modern Living Room Essentials

Modern living rooms have an open floor plan which is connected to strategic areas like the kitchen and/or the dining room. This way, they are open, bright, properly illuminated and spacious.

Make no mistake, interior designs are actually evolving. Just the same way Fashion evolves and we see different fashion styles and upgrades from time to time does interior furniture, furnishings and interior designs. I bet everyone wants to stay in vogue and be able to identify with the latest trend in whatever they care about.

As much as there is a fancy and interesting part to antique, keeping up with trends is very essential. Living room configuration has evolved over the years as such, it is right to have what can be called a Modern Living Room.

To give your Living Room that Modern vibe, there are a few things to be put in place. Here is my top 6 of those few things:

• Rug:

There are quite a lot of living room rug ideas all of which are capable of giving your living room space that beautiful modern vibe. Both scatter rugs and area rugs can be used in a Modern living room to get the desired designs. The rug gives your living room space a classy and stylish look and helps in driving in the statement of a focal point. Getting the best outlook for your living room with rugs has to do with your choice of color and design. You can choose the scatter or area rug in either the floral, patterned or plain designs for your desired reality.

• Coffee Table:

Gone are the days of “free is classy”. You really need to fix up a coffee table at the centre of your living room space to get it right. It doesn’t necessarily depend on the size. Just make sure it is commensurate at every standard with every other element in your living room. You don’t want to have yourself an improper fraction scenario. You can either go with a wooden, glass or chrome legged coffee table.

You can check out a catalogue of Coffee tables on HOG.

• Blinds/Drapes:

Your modern living room should have its windows covered with preferably drapes or blinds. This would add the right toning to the feel of the space in terms of daylight ambience. There are lots of window blind options to be considered; Venetian, PVC and Day and Night; just to mention a few. You can check out HOG for blinds and drapes that can suite your requirement.

• Plant (Artificial or Natural)

Natural or Artificial plants has become one of the essential parts that makes up a modern living room. Not only does having plants in your living room enhances the aesthetics but it also affects moods and creativity.

• Wall Art

Another very essential part of a Modern Living room is the Wall Art. It can be a kind of motivational quote, religious or even graphics; just make sure your living room wall does not miss something artistic on your wall.

• Sofa Sets

Well, there is no living room without a sofa in the first place. For modern living room vibe; you should consider sectional and L-Shaped Sofas as they are the best candidate for the job. Not only do they make your living room space look stylish and classy but they also safe cost somehow.

If your living room space doesn’t seem to look Modern enough; no sweat! Just visit HOG furniture and your imagination would be created.

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