Unique Places to Mount Your TV

As new-age appliances get slimmer and more compact, it opens up opportunities to use them in aesthetically pleasing ways. The same holds true for flat-screen, smart TVs.

You can now browse the internet, read or watch the news, or enjoy your favorite reality TV show all on the same device! In this age of binge-watching, it would be criminal to miss out on any opportunity that you may get to catch up on shows and more.

With so much entertainment, and so little space at homes (and so little time), one needs to find unique, creative, and unusual TV mounts to install their TV.

So, if you are looking for inspiration, check these out:

Unique Places to Mount Your TV

Here are some unusual TV mounts that are borderline genius:

In the Living Room

How can the living room, one of the commonest TV places, be a spot for unusual TV mounts? It’s all about positioning!

For instance, you can mount your TV inside a bookcase or a showcase.Alternatively, you can hide it behind a piece of art or mount it on a hinge that can flip the screen over! Whichever way you choose, it all boils down to creativity.

There is an assortment of options present in modern-day TV mount Collection hoisting and supporting entertainment centers in inconspicuous, space-saving nooks and crannies. In fact, they can be an excellent way to utilize unused space.

In the Bedroom

Once again, the bedroom possesses a lot of scope for innovation and creativity while dealing with unusual TV mounts.
The hope chest present at the foot of your bed could be the perfect hideaway for storing your TV! All you need to do is secure your flat-screen TV to the inside of the lid, and the piece of furniture can double as your TV stand whenever you need it!
Alternatively, why not break out from the two-dimensional mold? Get your TV on a fancy pull down TV mount, and you can magically suspend your TV in thin air! This trick drop-down placement is excellent for optimum space usage while also allowing a suitable viewing angle.

In the Bathroom

Apart from your bedroom, your bathroom is yet another personal space where you spend plenty of time. Given that it is one of the few places in the house when you are truly alone, how about personalizing this sanctuary?

A waterproof TV will help you relax and unwind as you get your dose of entertainment while soaking in the bath or answering nature’s call. Position the TV so that it is visible from the shower, sink, tub, vanity, or any key spots.

You could also choose to hide the appliance behind mirrored doors to have a sneaky little spot of your own!

Inside the Fireplace

The mantle above the fireplace is a cozy little nook that is often reserved for family portraits or TVs. However, this position is highly debated for several reasons. That aside, did you ever think that you could mount your TV inside the fireplace?

Of course, the fireplace must be in disuse before you renovate it as your TV hub. You can choose to position the TV in line with the frame of the fireplace, which brings the TV further into focus. To make innovative use of the design space, you can even keep the TV on a stand at the hearth.

If you wish to go absolutely high-tech on your unusual TV mounts, you can choose a motorized TV mount to move within the fireplace. And if you ever miss the crackling and flickering of a live flame, you can play the video of a fireplace without triggering any safety concerns!

On Your Patio

Are you afraid to step out of the house for the fear that you may miss out on your favorite show? Fear no more as you mount your TV on the patio or the back/front yard deck.

Think of all the barbeque parties that you can host during a big game. Or the pool parties in summer as you put on some Netflix. Want something intimate or romantic? Watch a sappy rom-com under the stars!

The outdoors is a perfect spot for entertaining guests or chilling out on weekends. Do bear in mind to weather-proof your TV setup to increase its life.

In the Kitchen

A kitchen TV mount may seem completely logical, yet this concept is quite unheard of and underutilized.

Think of cooking alongside your favorite celebrity chef or taking live directions from the Food Network! Considering that the kitchen holds all your food, why would anyone not have a TV in their kitchen?

You could mount it on the wall or hide it inside cabinets. You may also position it under the counter alongside the oven or above the refrigerator. Such placement allows symmetry while the TV can seamlessly blend into the background.

Rather than taking up counter space, optimize it by reinventing the kitchen TV mount that stashes the TV inside a compact slot when not in use. Use a motorized mount with a swivel system to get it out of its cave, and you can enjoy an immersive TV-viewing experience as you cook up a storm!

Where NOT to Mount Your TV

The above unusual TV mounts may have fired up your imagination. However, to ensure safety and security following are some TV places that you must avoid:

• High spots that are above the line of sight may cause headaches, neck pain, or viewing-angle issues.

• On walls that are not marked as load-bearing walls.

• Near open fires or water sources.

• Opposite to an east or west-facing door or window as it will attract glare.



With all these unusual TV mounts, you may be itching to get started on your DIY project. But first, get all your instruments and equipment in order. And do check out the TV places to avoid before drilling in that hole!

Finally, if you do not feel too confident or up to the task, you can always have the professionals take care of it for you!

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