What Goes Into The Anatomy Of High-Quality Egyptian Cotton Sheets?


Your bedding is like your safe haven after a tiring day. It needs to be inviting and comfortable to relieve you of all your burdens. Creating that perfect setting for some well-deserved relaxation will do you a world of good as it helps you attain a peaceful state of mind. This calming influence will keep you healthy and energized to take on challenges that come your way.

Long staple Egyptian cotton sheets are an epitome of superior quality and enviable comfort. The factors that contribute towards their rock solid framework are:

Fabric Used

Egyptian grown cotton creates extra long fibers which produce yarn that is actually much stronger than regular cotton. Long staple Egyptian cotton yarn results in the most luxurious bed sheet fabric. Their hallmark is their softness, lightness, and durability. You also tend to get far better sleep on bed sheets made from Egyptian cotton given that they are a lot more porous than regular cotton.


This feature enables them to soak up all bodily moisture making you wake up feeling totally refreshed and recharged. Those with sensitive skin need not worry as Egyptian cotton bed linen does not cause any allergic reaction nor leave you feeling itchy despite the fabric rubbing against your skin for hours at a stretch. 

Since Egyptian cotton is handpicked, the fabric created from it is assumed to be the most natural and the epitome of purity. Handpicking leaves the cotton fibers straight and intact. The plants from where these cotton fibers are sourced are known to produce the longest and finest variety of cotton.  Fabric made from Egyptian cotton can withstand frequent use as opposed to bed sheets made from inferior cotton. Since their quality does not deteriorate with time, you do not have the hassle of frequently buying replacement sheets. Hence, long staple Egyptian cotton sheets are a long-term investment.

Thread Count

The number of threads woven into per square inch of the fabric is referred to as thread count. Both horizontal and vertical threads are included in this count. It adds to the comfort and quality of the finished product hence is considered an important aspect. Many believe that the higher the thread count, the softer the fabric. This is not necessarily true as when many fibers are jammed together in close proximity, bedsheet fabric tends to feel stiff.


A lower thread count sheet made from Egyptian cotton fibers will invariably feel silkier and softer than a higher thread count bedsheet made from an inferior quality cotton blend. This element contributes to the exclusivity of Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

Type of Weave

Finest Egyptian cotton bed sheets come in either percale or sateen weaves. In the percale weave threads are tightly woven, one over and one under giving the sheets a matte finish and durable texture. These are ideal for use on flat bedding with perfect corners. The sateen weave is lighter, has a shinier look and silkier touch that drapes smoothly owing to its suppleness. Immense thought goes behind creating that perfect weave with the aim of enhancing the comfort level of the bedding. A slightly wrinkled fabric is a good sign as it adds to that wow factor.

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Since bed linen made from Egyptian cotton comes at a high cost, you must be sure that the product you are investing in is authentic. A well-informed consumer will be able to sift the inferior fabrics from the superior quality ones. A restful slumber has a direct and positive impact on your overall wellbeing. More than the quantity, it is the quality of sleep that counts so avoid taking the latter for granted. 

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