Thinking of the stress women go through in the kitchen by trying to cook and as well trying to make sure they avoid spillage which could spoil the beauty of a wooden cabinet. We have decided to make life in the kitchen a little more interesting and worry-free by bringing to your doorstep ELITE METAL KITCHEN CABINET

ELITE METAL KITCHEN CABINET is a newly introduced cabinet to make life in the kitchen interesting unlike wooden cabinet whereby you need to watch every step to avoid spilling and causing stains on the cabinet which could last forever.

It is a high quality cold rolled steel, wood and glass, manufactured for kitchen purpose with the gross weight of 50-70KG/pcs and 0.4-1.2mm thickness which state the fact that it can hold a lot of kitchen utensils without a crack.

ELITE METAL KITCHEN CABINET unlike wooden cabinet cannot be consume by any fire outbreak and it is coated with a surface environment protection powder to avoid any form of kitchen accidents like when a match stick is carelessly dropped, it is not inflammable unlike some wooden cabinet which are prone to burnt or any sort of fire outbreak.

Buying ELITE METAL KITCHEN CABINET gives you the advantage of worriless cooking; the lower top of the cabinet is covered with wood, while the inner partitioning is metal which gives you the advantage of dropping your cooking pot without the worry of stain.

There’s nothing wrong with a wooden cabinet. It comes in many shapes and styles; it can be painted and stained to any shade; and they look great when installed properly. But there are certain benefits that come with metal cabinets. Firstly, they’re durable. Think about why so many garages come equipped with upright, metal tool boxes: these storage devices can take a beating, look rugged and tough, and keep their contents safe and protected. The same can be said about metal kitchen cabinets, which can stand some abuse yet still look good. Plus, since metal hardware is in fashion, your new industrial cabinet may already match other installations. Here are some other advantages they have over wood cupboards:


  • Re-Sprayed: Can be re-sprayed to another shade.
  • No Refacing: You will never have to replace the upper layer of your cabinet, which cuts down on extra maintenance expenses.
  • Paint Problems: No longer will you have to worry about peeling paint. Since the kitchen can get pretty humid, this can be a common problem in wood cabinet, whereas stainless steel cabinets always stand up to the moisture.
  • Wet Warp: Speaking of humidity, warping is a common problem amongst wooden cabinet. Metal, of course, has no worries against the warp.
  • Easy Installation: Most metal cabinetry comes pre-assembled, which means that it comes as is and simply needs to be screwed into the wall.
  • Durability: Metal kitchen cabinets last very much longer than a wooden kitchen cabinet.


Metal kitchen cabinets are not perfect. Though they look great, you should be aware of some possible defects you may encounter.

  • They are expensive, and to install an entire system may cost lot of money depending on the model, look, and quantity.
  • They may be noisy when it comes to pots and pans and they can echo when shut.
  • They can be overwhelming. Since they take up so much room, they become a visual spotlight.
  • They require maintenance. Once in a while you need to apply some special oil to keep up their sheen.
  • In terms of style, they can feel a bit cold, so maybe switch things up a bit. Put on glass door fronts or plastic hardware to make them feel less uniform.


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