How to maintain Chrome Furniture to avoid Rust


What is chrome?

Chrome is a slang from chromium, it is a very soft metal that is commonly used for a wide variety of products such as furniture frames, faucets, bumpers among others.

 Often times, most people tend to confusedly describe any shiny finish as ‘’chrome’’ even when it really has nothing to do with chromium. For instance, brightly polished aluminum, electro polished stainless steel, etc. are sometimes called ‘’chrome’’ Chrome plating/frames is more reflective (brighter), less pale or grayish and more specular


There are basically two types of chrome:

Decorative chrome or nickel-chrome plating: is extremely reflective and valued for its aesthetic appeal. It is also applied to surface in a much thinner layer. Decorative chrome comes off more easily and requires more care.

Hard chrome or functional chrome plate:  is intended to reinforce surfaces for industrial application it is also reduces friction, improves durability and improves oxidation resistance.



  1. Never neglect chrome: The dirtier chrome gets before you deal with it, the more effort and force you‘re going to use to clean it, and the higher your risk of damaging it will become.

The best way to avoid damage to chrome objects is not to allow them get (very) dirty. The moment you start to notice a dulling of the chrome, wash it. Avoid washing chrome  plating with greasy water.


  1. Removing Rust Using Aluminum Foil:                                                       

Before you attempt to clean rust or remove rust on your chrome, firstly clean dirt from the chrome with soapy water, this will   help you to locate and access rusty area more easily. After that grab a bit of aluminum foil, crump it up and deep it in salt water and scrub. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, scrub with medium force and redip your foil often. Once you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your chrome, make sure you dry it really well.

  1. Apply Chrome Polish To The Rusted Area: Get a chrome polish (kustomflames, Mothers chrome polish etc.)

NOTE: Follow the instructions on the product.

Soft brass wool or a brass wire brush is best for this purpose; spread the cleaning substance over the rusted area, gently rub using a circular motion while making sure that the surface is moist at all time. If the area gets dry then be sure to add more chrome polish until the desired result is achieved.


  • Only polish chrome when it truly needs it. Every time you polish chrome plating, you wear away a thin layer of it. Often a good soap and water wash is enough to restore its shine.
  • Never allow your chrome plating to get to a total point of rust as seen in the image below. (if it ever gets to that point, you might need a total refurbishing or chemical makeover)

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