Organizing your bedroom

Organizing your bedroom

The bedroom is arguably one of the many parts of the home often left out during decor and overall furniture and fittings alteration. This may be due to somewhat of an innateness of a stereotype of the bedroom not needing the bother. This is relatively understandable since it's an area only privy to its owner and doesn't get a steady influx of visitors. Truth is, it does need the bother. The need for the regular care and alterations exercised on other parts of the house for well-being is of utmost import to the bedroom as well.

A well decorated, decluttered bedroom makes for a conducive environment that goes a long way from affecting sleep quality alone to also inducing better moods, boosting creativity, relaxation and comfort.

The bedroom as a space sure makes up for what it lacks in guests' visits in furniture diversity and numbers, making it arguably the most difficult part of the house to clean with the many different heavy, bulky furniture. Therefore, regular cleaning for furniture preservation and prevention of space invasion by rodents and insects makes for the perfect bedroom. Whilst achieving a perfect bedroom might involve giving up many furniture, there is no loss of essence but a betterment; proper organization, furniture change and goes a long way to ease maintenance.

The goal of bedroom organization is to space up, declutter, and make for easy maintenance of the area. To start with, a change is needed in the following furniture;

1. Armoires (Wardrobes, Cupboards):

Perhaps it's high time that bulky wardrobe that gobbled up space and got in the way of work got changed out for something simpler, easier to maintain, and mobile. While regular wardrobes and cupboards tend to do their jobs, they however, are very susceptible to being affected by climatic conditions and insect attacks that puts them in poor states much to the detriments of the contents they hold. For instance, regular wooden wardrobes would grow moulds when introduced to moisture, brittle and crack in dry seasons, give off wood dust during insect infestation, et al. And no thanks to their unwieldy nature, help may not be readily available.

On the other hand, closet organizers, a more feasible option to contemporary armoires which feature customizable designs of racks incorporating multi-storage options for clothes, shoes and bathing even. This furniture made of high quality, finished metals resistant to insect infestation, and climatic conditions.

2. Chests, Vanities and Dressers:

The multipurpose dresser features the mirror and worktop of a vanity set, and a chest of drawers of varying sizes, replacing the chest and regular dresser combined. With its multipurpose comes a level of elegance that makes it blend in with any bedroom, becoming the centre of attraction.

3. Beds:

Having an area named after a thing requires a lot of effort, agreeably. A room is no bedroom without a form of bed which is most often the biggest furniture in the room. Whilst the regular bed is somewhat of a bulky furniture, and there exists mobile, lightweight variants in recent times, the former exists now in better variants negating their unwieldy nature.

Contemporary beds come in loft and chest types that allow the combination of storage and bedding. This is a rather space saving, cost efficient feature that would reduce clutter, decrease furniture; thereby increasing spacing; and increase storage.

It is important we pay attention to our bedrooms just the same way we give attention to other departments of the home. 


Paul Bob Jr


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