How to take care of your outdoor furniture

Most times we care more about our indoor furniture than our outdoor furniture. This is mostly because we forget that our outdoor furniture needs as much care as our indoor furniture.

Take a look at your garden or corridor, when was the last time you cared for it?

Here are practical ways to take care of your outdoor furniture:

1. Wooden outdoor furniture:

During colder and wet periods, it is best to keep your wooden furniture under a shade or bring them in, so the wood won’t get damp and weaker. You also need to clean your wooden furniture as often as possible to remove dust; then you should schedule them for yearly treatment to maintain the appearance of the furniture.

2.  Cushion and fabric outdoor furniture: 

Naturally, this type of furniture would attract a lot of dirt and so proper care has to go into it. It is important to also note the type of cushion fabric you have and if it would easily fade when it comes in constant contact with the sun. For your cushion furniture, regular washing and cleaning are required so as to keep dirt away from them.

3. Plastic furniture:

This type of furniture doesn’t need as much care as the others. They are also easy to clean and all you need to is to clean them with a piece of cloth dipped into water and detergent and use it to clean the plastics.

4. Wicker furniture:

This is another type of outdoor furniture most people use. They are mostly 100% woven and can be taken care of with a regular cleaning using mild soap and water. Keep it away from chlorine, open flames, and artificial heat.

5. Aluminium furniture:

This type of furniture should be cleaned with mild soap and lukewarm water periodically. In addition, you need to avoid abrasive cleaners when it comes to this type of furniture. They are durable and need to be taken care of periodically.

How do you take care of your outdoor furniture? Do drop your comments below. Need to get the right outdoor furniture for your home? Visit



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