How to tidy up your new office before moving in

Moving into a new space can be an exhilarating experience for your business, whether it is your first office space or a new branch opening, the list of tasks to be done before opening for operations can seem to belong and unending. While you focus on the core requirements such as equipment, furniture, and power, it is easy to forget the most fundamental step in the move-in process, – Cleaning. From cleaning dirty tiles, dusty windows to stained toilets and walls. Depending on the state of the premises, this could take hours to days of cleaning work to complete. If you would rather DIY than hire a professional office cleaner, here are our top tips for cleaning your new office space before moving in.

Dust and Debris Removal

Dust is ever present and more so in a space that has either been unoccupied for a certain amount of time or a recently renovated space. You will typically find dust on all flat surfaces, ceiling crevices, light fixtures, windows, and even on the surface of the wall. Dust removal must always be tackled with the use of heavy duty vacuum cleaners that extract dust, cobwebs and small debris particles from hard to reach corners and surfaces in the space. A good quality microfiber cloth should be used to as a follow up to remove dust from flat surfaces such as countertops, desktops, windows, shelves etc. Be sure to use dust masks to prevent against irritation that may occur as a result of inhaling dust particles.

Stain Removal

Stains from poorly maintained bathroom and kitchen fixtures, or stains from freshly painted walls are typical encounters in a move-in cleaning.  These stains can only be tackled with the use of tools such as scrapers, scrubbers, and solutions such as household bleach, paint thinners or the right mix and ratio of industrial-grade cleaning chemicals depending on the severity of the stain. It is important to solicit professional help and be properly protected with masks, gloves and safety goggles while handling harsh chemicals.  

Floor Polishing

Nothing says clean and professional more than freshly scrubbed and polished floors. After all dust, debris and stains have been successfully cleaned, it is important to follow up with an intensive scrubbing and polishing of your floors, whether tiled, marble or terrazzo. A good polishing will make the tiles look as close as it will ever be to brand new. You can achieve this polished tile finishing by renting a floor scrubber and polisher from an equipment supply store, depending on the square footage of your space this task may take between 4-8 hours to a full day or more.

Create a Maintenance Plan

The most important part of the move-in cleaning process is the maintenance plan that ensures all effort put into the cleaning is retained over time. Create detailed cleaning checklists, standard cleaning procedures and routines for your cleaning staff to ensure that floors are maintained to a certain standard, stains are kept at bay and the environment remains fresh and welcoming. It is also important to purchase the appropriate cleaning equipment and ensure that there are routines for equipment maintenance and replacement when due.

If all of this sounds too daunting for you to handle, call in a professional cleaning service to transform your space into a gleaming business-ready office space. 

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